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  1. My only experience was in 8132, which did have a pole, along with some noise of chairs scraping on the pool deck early in the morning. The pole really was not a problem, and was actually handy to grab onto when the seas got rough. I would not consider it to be a deterrent.
  2. I was in a JS3 on deck 10 - directly above the block you are looking at. Spacious cabin, 1.5 bathrooms, tub/shower in one, refrigerator, lots of storage space. We had two dinners in Coastal Kitchen, which were wonderful. Nice sized balcony, made even better because my daughter was in the next cabin, and we were able to have the divider opened. JS also includes a kettle - important for a tea-drinker like me. In retrospect, my husband, adult daughter, and I probably would have been fine in one JS, but she wanted her own bathroom, and, since this cruise was for her, it worked out.
  3. My family ate in CK twice last December. The food was wonderful, but we had better service from our wonderful MDR servers. We had the early dinner service, with the same servers each time, so that probably made a difference. Plus, we were sailing with our adult autistic daughter, and the MDR staff was great with her.
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