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  1. Thanks Nang. Both cruise lines owned by Carnival Corp, but entirely different treatment. I agree Holland America did the right thing. We were due to sail Tokyo round trip for Cherry Blossom cruise late April on Westerdam. They cancelled, we got our refund in 10days plus Singapore Airlines refunded the airfare too. Which enabled us to book the Cape Town cruise. We will remember how we have been treated too.
  2. Still no communication from Cunard. I would have thought a cruise cancelled on 14th March would have been dealt with by now.......
  3. In reply to Tring....At the moment in West Aust. we only have 14 cases and we are now able to visit in each other’s homes, and meet outside in groups of no more than 10 for exercise and picnics etc. No cafes or restaurants open, except for take away, but they will be opening when all staff have done a course on Covid safety. Hospitals have now resumed elective surgery. No travel allowed interstate or overseas. May relax this when the eastern states numbers are down, and also we may be allowed to go to New Zealand who have the cases down to zero. PM says international travel off the agenda for many months. Anyone returning to Oz at present is quarantined in a hotel or ferried to Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth or hospital if you have a temperature. I have cancelled, and will claim the lost deposit on insurance...hopefully!
  4. Booked on a cruise with CMV many months ago for a sailing on the 9th August ‘20.from Tilbury UK. I was due to pay the balance within days...but with overseas flights banned due to the covid19 virus there is no way this cruise was going to happen. Reluctant to part with the full fare in the circumstances. I can pay them $100 each passenger to transfer my deposit to another cruise...Really! Well, that is the end of my relationship with CMV....won’t get caught again!
  5. Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, I filled in their form online, which at the time said it may take 45days to action. Now it says 60 days.... even worse is South African Airways who are bankrupt....so whether we ever get our refunds on the unused tickets, is another doubtful! They said we would have to lose $845 each if we wanted to have cash not a voucher, even though they cancelled all flights! Grrr!
  6. Cunard cancelled our QM2 Cruise 14/3/20 just hours before we went to board in Fremantle. I received a call from Cunard Aust at 11am the day of embarkation asking me if I wanted a voucher or a refund. I said refund please, as we are in our 80’s we don’t know if we will want to travel for some time. Since that call, we have heard nothing! With the way Cunard have dealt with this, I doubt we would ever book with them again even if we are still fit to travel in coming years.
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