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  1. 11251 on music definitely smaller than standard but bigger than a juliette 11251 juliete
  2. Hvae you seen this thread ?
  3. I had 10247, a deck 10 aft cabin and it does have a large balcony. Cabin 11249, I suspect you are right in saying that the balcony is only slightly bigger than the Divina Juliette balconies this the balcony we had. i agree you should go for a deck 10 cabin Pete
  4. Personally I would go on deck 16 as it is on the same deck as the TopSail Lounge and only a short walk to it. The same applies to Deck 18 and the Dining room. i would also avoid the front facing cabins on deck 15, I base this on the experience of friends who had forward facing cabins on the Divina, where the wind was so strong that you could not use the balcony when cruising, Though reading posts on here it would appear that the wind is much less of a problem on the Meraviglia class. I have no first hand experience of this type of cabin, Nor did I hear anything said about it from other guests when i was on board. So I've just added my thoughts so that you can be aware of the possibility of the wind being a problem.
  5. I have the same result as you, however my wife had her email with her new extended date on it. Both of us have done the same cruises
  6. Here is a link to a story about Magnifica's World Cruise https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-52350262 MSC come out in a good light
  7. Here is a link to my review of a cruise in the YC on Meraviglia http://www.cruisingmates.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=270&t=12438 I'm not sure of the square footage of the YC1 it says on the MSC web site says 28 m2 (301 sq. ft.) with balcony. i'm not sure whether the total includes the balcony or not . pete
  8. That is my sole hobby , pictures of balconies 😄😄 i don't think so pete
  9. I've been on Seaview in the Med, on it's maiden voyage in an Aurea balcony cabin.
  10. Here is a link to my review of our cruise in cabin 15013 (same as the two cabins you mention except ours was on the port side) on Divina when in the Med. You might like to read it. http://www.cruisingmates.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=270&t=4472 Pete
  11. The cabins you ask about have a number of detracting features. 1) the balconies have a large steel solid front which blocks the view downwards. and a barrier which prevents you from walking forward 2) when cruising the balcony is virtually unusable due to the wind caused by the forward motion off the ship. 3) for the same reason as "2" you can't have the balcony door open when cruising the cabins, which are part of the Yacht Club, are 280 sq. ft (~250 living area; ~30 bathroom. balcony 60 sq ft. here is what the balcony looks like The cabins on the aft are standard size, not in the yacht club, 192 sq. ft.(living area 168 sq ft; bath 24 sq ft) The balconies however vary in size Deck 13 are small Juliette balconies deck 12 are 55 sq ft Deck 11 are 95 sq ft Deck 10 are 118 sq ft Deck 9 are 55 sq ft Deck 8 are standard size here are some images deck 13 deck 12 deck 11 deck 10 deck 9 deck 8
  12. Here is the full text of the announcement Update on extension of fleet-wide halting of operations through to 29 May We at MSC Cruises have decided to further extend the halting of all our new cruise departures fleet-wide through to 29 May, in light of the continued extraordinary circumstances the world is facing in connection with the Covid-19 virus global health emergency. We have previously announced the temporary halting of all its ships globally through to 30 April. As governments across the globe have since further strengthened ashore public health and safety measures to protect local populations and contain the further spread of the virus, today’s decision by MSC Cruises to further extend this extraordinary measure aims to mirror and further support the effectiveness of such efforts. We are working tirelessly with all guests and travel agents to address the impact of this necessary decision to all bookings on our ships up to 29 May and we are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause you. By announcing this now, we intend to provide travel agents and guests who are booked on affected sailings with as much time as possible to move your booking to a future cruise. To find out how to move your upcoming cruise, please check the “Flexible Cruise Programme” below.
  13. This is a C&P from an announcement as found on the UK web site We at MSC Cruises have decided to further extend the halting of all our new cruise departures fleet-wide through to 29 May, in light of the continued extraordinary circumstances the world is facing in connection with the Covid-19 virus global health emergency.
  14. The letter is clearly addressed to me and it states they will extend my benefits by 1 year Dear MSC Voyagers Club Member, The unfortunate developments related to the coronavirus crisis over the past few months have made it difficult to travel – and even worse – have made our own lives more challenging in sudden and unexpected ways. During this difficult time, MSC Cruises remains sensitive to the needs of its guests, its employees, and naturally you: our Voyagers Club member. For this reason, I have decided to extend your member benefit by a year. Guests like yourself, who cherish traveling and cruises and wish to continue dreaming with us, are going to be able to do so by keeping the same member points and status for an extra year. well that's my take on it i tried to log in to my VC account and see if they have updated my details but i can't log in ta the moment Pete
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