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  1. You are absolutely right the sizes vary from 148 sq ft to 169 sq ft the smaller ones are mostly in the hump Pete
  2. Skier52

    Skier 52 - Cabin Question

    I don't know the answer but would be surprised if the layout was any different. For that you have to be in an "H" cabin which are usually 50% bigger than a standard cabin
  3. Skier52

    Cirque Show - Meraviglia

    from another thread, Cirque with cocktail $18, Cirque with meal $42,
  4. Skier52

    Skier 52 - Cabin Question

    Designed for use by guests with mobility disabilities who: Do not require the regular use of a wheelchair, scooter, or other similar assistive devices Device must be 21" or less and stored in the guest's cabin Only uses an assistive device (such as a cane or walker) for traversing longer distances May benefit from certain accessible features, such as grab bars to assist with balance hope this info is what you want Pete
  5. Skier52

    MSC Divina current bar menus

    |Here is the current Med list, anything with a single red asterisk is not on the basic package but is on the premium package. Anything with two red asterisks is not on any package an has to be bought at te price given + 15% gratuity added on
  6. Skier52

    Breakfast Card??

    Here is an image of the breakfast hanger for the Yacht Club as used in the Med As far as ordering hot items I am sure you can only have the ones on the hanger and not anything else, so you can have Waffles; Buttermilk pancakes, or French toast Pete
  7. On Seaview, Seaside's sister ship, in June this year the Aurea Bar had only drinks but they randomly handed out fruit on a kebab stick. The service was good . it is an outdoor location, on deck 18, adjacent to the YC one deck. As I recall they did have music playing, and yes kids (only a small number), from Aurea cabins, were allowed but were very well behaved. I would expect the same as above on Seaside Pete