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  1. You are absolutely correct This is from the online UK brochure today Pete
  2. post #7 is the place to look at http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc410/skier6666/msc%20brochure%20info/cc%20all%20info%20thraed/hair%20straighteners.jpg
  3. http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc410/skier6666/msc%20brochure%20info/cc%20all%20info%20thraed/hair%20straighteners.jpg
  4. Image from this thread started on 2017, but i haven't seen any change in policy since UPDATED:- ALL the INFO (in table form) on EXPERIENCES, MSC CLUB, SERVICE CHARGES etc http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc410/skier6666/msc%20brochure%20info/cc%20all%20info%20thraed/hair%20straighteners.jpg Pete
  5. You have to be aware that UK prices must include taxes and port fees etc. In the US these are added to the quoted price So the savings are not all they seem to be Caveat |Emptor Pete
  6. I'm sorry but I just noticed the question-ion in this post. my thoughts It's a shame you didn't get 14284, much bigger cabin and balcony, but it is a family cabin. There is a big overhang which is good/bad depending on whether you are a sun worshipper/or not. THE big plus , IMHO, is it is a Stern (Aft) cabin which has a good view A good move for you Pete
  7. You are correct it is only part metal and part Plexiglass. How to find pictures I got this High Res image by Google searching MSC Divina and then left mouse the "Images" tab on the line below the search box on Google Chrome. Pete
  8. The agent probably doesn't know and will try and guess but I know the real reason See post #879
  9. 012254 is a BELLA because it has a Metal Balcony as indicated by a blue shading on the deck plan Pete
  11. I'm very sorry it has taken soooo loooooonnnnggg to you my thoughts, but after some initial improvement in Toby's condition things took a turn for the worse and my, loyalty goes to him first I've had a hard job getting a good high res image that I could be certain was Virtuosa MSC have a habit of using a stock image for a ships in a Class. This caused havoc with MSC Fantasia class. They used an image of Splendida for Divina. and were telling clients that certain cabins had Plexiglas fences when in fact they were "In hull steel". I provided them with images to prove the we being mi
  12. The NAME of the ship might save me a lot of guesswork My First guess is MSC Virtuosa I think that is correct
  13. Here you can see the difference in size of the deck 10 balconies on Musica and Divina. Before you ask deck plans are almost true to scale and can be used in this fashion to compare relative sizes. In this case the relative size of the cabin to its balcony is the important ratio Bear in mind the Divina cabins are 14 - 19 sq.m and Musica 15 - 28sq.m. ( the big area cabins are the special needs cabins)
  14. MUSICA DIVINA As you can see the sterns are very different in profile and the balcony sizes are on Musica pretty much the standard size and don't have the large sq, ft. balconies like deck 10 and 11 on Divina do. Pete
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