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  1. We were on Ovation August 20th and the Windjammer was not open for dinner. We were told 2 different passenger counts 1700 and 1800. Around 35% I believe.
  2. I have never been asked to leave the Windjammer before that is why I posted that. Not sure how they will handle the crowds when they get back to normal capacity. We have 1800 passengers and things seem a little crowded with some venues closed.
  3. No photos of the food. Smalller portions and less options.
  4. Night 2 is formal night and night 6 is Smart Casual or something like that. Every other night is very casual.
  5. On Ovation right now. No reservations needed but they have asked if you are finished to please leave so other diners can come in. They don’t want you sitting around after eating when others are waiting to get in.
  6. We felt the same way you do and we didn’t start packing until we received the rapid Covid test the day before our departure to Seattle. We are on the Ovation right now. Things are different but it is nice to be traveling and cruising again. North Star and Ifly are not working, not sure if it’s Covid related or a mechanical issue. Dining room is somewhat spaced, but there are a lot of two seat tables situated very close together (less than 2 feet apart). We asked and were given a table that is socially distanced from others. If you are doing My Time Dining be aware that some nights it is impossible to go to the show and eat in the dining room. Also, Windjammer being closed for dinner makes dining more difficult. The crew has been great and food is okay. We decided we probably will postpone our next cruise in April if cruising has similar practices as now.
  7. Marilyn Johannes


    Spoke to the owner of glass blowing at Jewell Gardens and he is not doing tours this year at this time. He may start them as the season goes on but doesn’t have enough employees due to Covid. He said he would contact us if he did end up doing the tour but it didn’t sound hopeful.
  8. Marilyn Johannes


    We booked this excursion directly with Jewell Gardens last week and our credit card has been charged. We are in Skagway August 25th. We will report back if we hear anything.
  9. I haven’t read the whole thread but wanted you to know I’m still waiting for my refund from cancellation of Spectrum Shanghai cruise. Royal canceled on Feb19th and said I’d probably have my refund by February 27th or sooner. After 3 weeks I wrote to Michael Bayley’s office and received partial refund. I’m only out $740 but still that’s a lot of money that some people can’t afford to lose. Hopefully other passengers have better luck than I did.
  10. We too had our Shanghai cruise canceled on February 19th. Didn’t receive the first refund until March 10th. (This only came after an email to Michael Bayley’s office.) It has come in different transactions but I’m still owed $740. I’ll wait until March 20 (30 days after cancellation) and ask my credit card company to refund the monies. So stay on top of the refunds and make sure you get the full amount. Also, we had the unfortunate luck to book a vacation to Disney World since we couldn’t go to Asia. Haven’t even begun to see those refunds come in.
  11. My Shanghai cruise was cancelled February 19th, no refund yet.
  12. I think you’ll have a better chance of getting FCC than a refund. I’m still waiting for my refund from canceled (byRoyal) Spectrum Shanghai to Shanghai. I was supposed to receive the refund by February 27th or sooner. Still waiting.
  13. How long did it take you to get your refund? My fare was supposed to be refunded February 27th, still haven’t received it.
  14. The email said that I should see the refund by February 27th but most likely sooner. Just wondering if someone has received the refund. I would like to book another vacation that would start March 14th but want to use this money when booking airfare and hotels.
  15. Has anyone gotten their refund for recent cruise canceled by Royal? I was supposed to receive it by today and it hasn’t posted to my credit card yet. This was a Shanghai to Shanghai cruise on Spectrum in March that was canceled on February 19th.
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