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  1. That’s Great for local cruises (I don’t know where you live)! , we live less than 1hr from Sydney (Australia) OPT. But if it’s further afield and or you need flights etc that usually doesn’t work, flights can be super expensive “if” you can get one
  2. Fiiiiinally some sanity being spoken I know every one is wanting to go cruising but it’s just not going to happen 🙅‍♀️ any time soon Save your money and think about something else for a looong time Unless you want to book a couple of years ahead and then who knows that itinerary may no longer exist and its probably not available at this time anyway 🤔😫😪🚢🥂🍾
  3. Have you given any thought to were they are going to get the crew from many are still stick on ships waiting to get home IMHO this is wishful thinking. Sorry 😪😪
  4. Have you travelled with MSC previously???!!! my friend went wth them from Marsailles to Durban last year, worst wxperience of her life, she is an extremely well travelled lady on land and sea and said NEVER again
  5. In MHO that sounds expensive, for what is happening evewhere, we are on Queen Elizabeth $2100 good grade unobstructed balcony 27 days
  6. I do hope so and that we are available to go on them
  7. Good morning Sarah, we have communicated previously, I am Erin we are booked on the QE for circumnavigation, I want to start a new roll call for 12/4 There is an old one for 11/4 all going to Asia I can’t find any info telling me how to do this Are you able help me please 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  8. When it says Cairns it usually means Yorky’S, unless you are on a small ship, the others can’t get in best to organise an over night hotel than try doing the tenders both days, wastes too much time the rain forest areas in the mountains behind Cairns are very beautiful
  9. We are extremely lucky, we only live 30 minutes by car from the OPT, friends drop us off and pick us up OR we could catch the train directly to Circular.Quay 👏🏻🍀🍾🥂🎉🌴🚢🐸🍷☀️🦋🐙🐬
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