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  1. So what exactly is the best spot on Seven Mile Beach to just go swimming and enjoy the beach? Is the observation tower worth a trip?
  2. We will be stopping for a day in Ocho Rios and we definitely want to visit Dunn's River Falls and Mystic Mountain, and there's an excursion through Norwegian that includes both. It about $160 a person with no senior discounts. Would it be cheaper and more practical to do these two attractions ourselves by finding a taxi or Uber? If we go to Mystic Mountain and Dunn's River and buy our own tickets at the gate, is there usually a long line? And how much money will we be saving by doing it ourselves? Not sure about taxi prices in Ocho Rios.
  3. One of the stops in our upcoming cruise is Grand Cayman which is completely a tender port. This is going to be our first experience having to be tendered to shore. IS the tendering process usually very time consuming, especially since we are on a large ship, the Norwegian Getaway which has nearly 4000 people? Is it accurate that if we sign up for a shore excursion, we will be among the first tenders departing the ship?
  4. Cools replies, I wonder if the water is going to be warm enough to swim in at the Falls, I hear the ocean is still warm year round. So we've booked the sailing that goes to Ocho Rios on the Norwegian Getaway out of New Orleans for Jan 26.
  5. WOuld I also be correct in assuming Ocho Rios has less crime problems, since its a smaller city? Also I'm a big James Bond fan and I know Ian Fleming's former home is now the Goldeneye Resort, is it open to visitors who are not staying there, and are there other locations associated with James Bond and Ian Fleming in the area? Ironically I know the next 007 film is coming out in April which would be after the cruise and they're filming part of it in Jamaica, perhaps to pay homage to the series beginnings.
  6. They will probably enjoy either a guided or self guided tour of the Quarter and the Garden District, the Quarter has that European/Caribbean feel while the Garden District has a classic Deep South vibe, both with their own charms. I highly recommend taking the St. Charles Avenue streetcar as far as Aubodon Park. If its raining, I'd definitely recommend the Aquarium (one of the best in the nation) and the WW2 Museum. The WW2 museum can easily take an entire day or 2 to see the whole thing. The Aquarium usually takes about 2 hours though more if you see the 3D films. Some hotels may help book swamp tours and plantation tours in the surrounding area as well. I personally would recommend Cajun Pride swamp tours in LaPlace (though you are not very likely to see gators when the weather is cold like right now). Houmas House Plantation is amazing with extensive gardens and excellent restaurants and truly evokes the grace and gentility of the antebellum South, even if the surrounding area is a mix of suburban and industrial. While not all the things inside the big house are original, the point was to make you experience it as it was in the glamor days, vs some other plantations where all the furniture is original and the house isn't as well kept but its based on personal taste. San Francisco Plantation is overrated, Oak Alley is heavily advertised and the outside is beautiful but the house tour is very short and only takes you to the first floor.
  7. We're trying to decide on a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise this year and the Carnival cruises out of New Orleans all stop at Montego Bay while Norwegian stops at Ocho Rios. I was wondering if any of y'all have any experience with one or both ports of call. We are more into nature, beaches, tropical landscapes,, waterfalls etc than urban stuff (I hear Cozumel is better for shopping anyway). If we're already going to Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman in the same cruise, is Doctors Cove Beach still worth it or would a stop in Ocho Rios close to Dunn's River Falls make more sense? Also anyone have any experience visiting the James Bond locations near Ocho Rios? I also see stuff mentioned about visiting plantations in Jamaica and which stop has better plantations. Being from Louisiana we have many beautiful plantations right here and we also found the ones in South Carolina very charming and beautiful, are the ones in Jamaica of a similar style and scale? Is a Caribbean plantation different from one in the US?
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