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  1. We decided to walk around Juneau to see the capitol building and then take a taxi to the glacier. We stumbled upon this great taxi driver Sonny Nierra 907-209-7097 who took us to the glacier and then on the way back, stopped to show us where the bald eagles hang out and then at the salmon hatchery and explained to us (outside) how the salmon ladders work. He was so nice and knowledgeable and it was like having a private tour guide. He dropped us at the glacier and promised to come back at a prearranged time, which he did. Just passing along for anyone wanting to do private transportation to the glacier.
  2. We did the NCL Blissing July 2019 with GB, and I would say , yes, it’s a must. It’s really beautiful and relaxing to stay on the ship and enjoy the views.
  3. We did the Dyea Dave van trip up and train back from Fraser on July. The van trip up is nice and makes lots of stops for pictures. They stop at a sled dog training place and you can play with the puppies and dogs. We actually loved that. The train ride back is really excellent and is well worth the time and money. The views are extraordinary. Dyea Dave picks you up from and drops you back at the ship. Couldn’t be easier.
  4. Can you tell me who the Skagway excursion was with? trains and puppies are a great combination !
  5. We did the Hoho buses inHelsinki and Stockholm. Tallin you can just walk on you own. In Germany we did the Molli train on our own and that was so much fun!
  6. You can totally do the Molli train on your own. We loved it! The countryside is beautiful. Taking the train through Bad Doberman was so cool. And Kuhlungsborn is a charming seaside resort town with a promenade on the beach. If that’s too much walking for the little ones, you can just ride the Molli to the end and back and hang out in Bad Doberman and get ice cream and walk around before going back to Warnemunde. You have to buy two sets of train tickets. You will need cash for the Molli. Travelani does a good job of explaining the trains. Bear in mind, group train tickets are a thing, and it’s quite a bit cheaper to buy your tickets as a group than individually if you did it through the ship. https://www.molli-bahn.de/fahrplaene-tarife/fahrplaene/ https://travelanni.webs.com/mollisteamtrain.htm
  7. The taxi drivers in Warnemunde did not take credit cards, nor did the Molli train station. We did Germany on our own. THe posts above are correct, a US chip card will work almost everywhere except train ticket machines. In Russia the gift shops the tours take you to take credit cards, USD or Euros and you can tip the tour guide in either currency.
  8. We did this in the other direction, from the cruise terminal to the airport. Picked up the luggage at the airluggage office then went through security. So coming off the flight, you will go through immigration, pick up your luggage and walk it to terminal 2. No need to go through security again. The office was on the second floor a few years ago. It took us a while to find it, but the transfer worked perfectly and was very convenient. We loved our Baltic cruise on the Getaway.
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