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  1. I'm in the westernmost county of New York state and just recently our numbers started climbing. We had an outbreak at a food manufacturer plus the local colleges opened up. Now, just last week we opened up our K-12 schools. It seems that NY state should be operating in regions. When we shut everything down in March we had NO cases - now that they are climbing we are opening up our schools. We are both retired so we stay close to home and only order take-out now and then. Our June cruise was canceled and we scheduled one for June 2021 - still waiting for the FCC -
  2. Our airfare, port fees, pre-cruise, hotel, etc was credited to our HAL account. The FCC is still on hold with them for our June 2020 canceled cruise. We already chose another cruise for June 2021 (fingers crossed) and I am assuming (hope I am not wrong) that the credit with HAL will pay for new flights for new cruise. The FCC will cover the cruise portion. This hit everyone so hard I pray the cruise industry comes back from this. I try to focus on the fact that we are healthy and our family is healthy. We are retired so it really hasn't hit us financially so many
  3. Our June 7th cruise was canceled. We chatted and picked another cruise for June 2021. I contacted our PCC and we got all signed up. She didn't ask for a deposit - and said when our FCC was available it would be applied. At first when I signed in to the website it said a deposit was due on April 30th, but after two days that disappeared. So, we have a cruise booked - HAL still has our money for our flights and some other things, but I am sure it will all be worked out. Pat
  4. We were on an Alaska cruise in 2018 and found that yes, the dress in Alaska is much more relaxed than a cruise in Europe. But still dressed business casual you will fit right in. On the first night they even let my husband wear his shorts, but told him "only tonight".
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