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  1. CT. Yes on the Sky. We were on her 21 days and ended up with 87 pictures paying 199.00.
  2. CT. We did get our prints and the thumb drive only because we had Pre-purchased. The prints were only 5 x 7 In my opinion it’s not worth it anymore
  3. We’re currently on the Sky Princess. I preordered the photo package for $199.00. Tonight we went to see the pictures taken so far. As you know the Sky is a completely a medallion driven ship. We saw our pictures (okay most of them, more on that later )on a monitor and inquired about the process. Much to our surprise they DO NOT print them! For the purchase price you will only be given a thumb drive with them on the last day of the cruise. If you didn’t purchase the package the price is $20.00 each. Pre-medallion you received both, the actual pictures and for I think $5.00 the thumb drive! They’re using facial recognition matching them with your room number. About 25% of my wife’s were missing. They were able to eventually find them and moved to our package. Maybe I missed something but feel the price is way to high for what we receive.
  4. Is there any grocery stores within walking distance of the port open on Sundays? Or convenience stores just to pickup snacks. Thanks.
  5. Are there any supermarkets within walking distance from the port in Barcelona?
  6. Palm Beach International (PBI) is another alternative to Miami & Fort Lauderdale. About 50 miles from the port.
  7. We've sailed on the Regal four times and the Royal just once. The last time on the Regal was last November and the Royal was several years ago. The difference I found is there is an aft pool on the Regal and the smoking area on deck 17 is (in my opinion) a lot more accommodating. Friends who recently sailed the Royal said it wasn't what it used to be.
  8. It's supposed to be the same as the Royal & Regal which is 17 Aft (the best place) and 7 Starboard. There's NO smoking on any stateroom balcony (or room).
  9. Nothing extra unless you've reached a certain status with Princess. For example Platinum or Elite.
  10. I've been trying to check them out myself and like you no luck 😞 Will be on her in November for the TA
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