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  1. We park in NJ and take the ferry over to NYC and walk down to the ship terminal about 1/2 mile. You can also catch a taxi if you do not wish to walk to the ship. Keeps the costs down substantially.
  2. Sit anywhere. They scan your key card and then let you enter the theater and pick your seats upon availability.
  3. Haha absolutely ashamed, indeed!! So I went with the photo in front of the Breakaway!! Thanks for remembering!! :D
  4. We were in Aft Facing Cabin 12308 on the Breakaway in May. We loved this cabin with the very big balcony and amazing views. We enjoyed sitting out there with a drink and listening to the music. Once we were inside, with the balcony doors closed, you really did not hear the music. You would have to be a very light sleeper to have any activity from the 16th Floor impacting your sleep. I guess to each their own, however, I would book this cabin again in a heartbeat. :D
  5. I can tell you the former NCL Majesty and NCL Crown were sold to Fred Olsen Cruise Line a few years ago. So usually they do find buyers. Last I heard the NCL Dream was still docked somewhere around the Bahamas as that sale fell through. In answer to your question, IMO the Sky or the Spirit will probably be the next ships leaving NCL's Fleet in the next few years.
  6. My o my, shaking my head!! Cruising peeps stop being so literal and taking this so defensively. I know Kim and know she would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. No worries, that should be the motto!!! Just saying.........
  7. Great photos!! Love all the beautiful blue water shots. I wanted to share a couple of things that I have learned from my seven visits to Bermuda. First the white different looking roofs on the houses actually collect rain water as water is scarce on the island. Also Bermuda is governed under the laws in England which has a factor on when things close especially on Sunday. Bermudians actually look forward to the cruise ships being docked and rely on them for revenue which needs to last through the off season months. I have actually read an article regarding the impact of cruise ships in Bermuda and have spoken to a couple of locals during my visits. Bermudians like to be addressed good morning or afternoon when being approached and also no short shorts or bathing suits are suppose to be worn out and about. So from my understanding there are many cruising peeps that do not do these things and quite frankly are rude to the locals I am sorry to say I have witnessed rude behavior on the island from fellow cruisers which made me very sad. That being said, sometimes I think the locals just get aggravated with some of these things and even though these scenarios were not of your doing, the bus driver may have just taking it out on you. In general, Bermudians are very friendly and approachable. They love their island and for the most part are very helpful with information. Hoping you find the same to be true during the rest of your stay.
  8. First time we ever got sick and we got it the day after we arrived back home. Yes, it worsens at night and in the morning.
  9. Aww, we too brought home that nasty cough from Bermuda last month. It took about 10 -12 days to get rid of. I used the Robittuson Cough Gels which helped a lot. I too felt like it was asthma like at times. Feel better soon!!
  10. We hung out for awhile, ate a little at the buffet, then headed to our rooms to put our stuff away. [/font][/size][/color] Now look at little Miss Cruising Diva!! She knows the drill, organizing her stuff for the week so she can go off and running to join the fun at the kids club. Too funny! Honestly, though my son at age 16/17 was too excited when he would first board a cruise ship to take time to organize his stuff. That was all on me. lol Maybe it is the differences between boys and girls, but this struck me as very responsible for her age!! :) Just saying........
  11. Wow ~ This missed conceptions about the ""Perks"" of hosting a Cruise Critic Meet-n-Greet. Let me tell you that the benefits do not weigh out the work and in our case the expense of hosting such events. Haha So if you are hosting a Meet-n-Greet for the benefit of scoring extra "Perks" ~ think again. I think it varies from ships, however, again not worth the effort. When we hosted our two Meet-n-Greets we had lanyards made for everyone to hold their name tags. Later they could be used for the key cards during the cruise. Anyway, much expense, time and effort when people do not show up, as promised, we were stuck with extra lanyards. So please attend the Meet-N-Greets when you sign up unless an emergent matter pops up. The host usually puts a lot of effort to make the event very nice and it is disappointing when people do the no show act!!
  12. Yes, I smiled when I saw that! When we were in Bermuda last month on the Breakaway I thought of Kev a couple of times. Once was while up on deck. I laughed to myself when I thought of him and his "people mover" lingo on his reviews. There are always so many funny people movers. Then I thought of him again walking through the Dockyard. He was all about Bermuda. RIP Kev!!
  13. Seeing all your various beautiful photos of the Dawn brings back such good memories!! The toilet paper turn down, I think depends on your room steward. We have had it done throughout our various cruises, except for a couple of them. The Dawn, Gem and Breakaway definitely. Going back to the Majesty era, I am uncertain. :D
  14. Welcome Back Kim!! I am happy to learn that you had a blast on my beloved Island of Bermuda and that you cannot wait to go back! :D Bermuda is just beautiful. Looking forward to your review, however, somehow I missed this review on the Getaway so I have lots of catching up to do in the meantime. :eek:
  15. I have sensitive skin and bring these all the time and never had any issues.
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