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  1. Yes, I heard until end of the year, at least.
  2. We got off the Epic TA yesterday, and agree with the others on that cruise. Embarkation & disembarkation was a nightmare and I blame NCL. This big ship requires good planning & logistics to empty and fill the ship, and this was a big fail for NCL. If the San Juan port could not handle the numbers, they never should have used it. We enjoyed our time with friends, but the cruise was bookended by incompetence and really bad planning. I think I am done with Epic as well. They need to stick to Miami where they can better manage things. In Barcelona, we got in early while others waited in outdoor lines for hours. When we finally did get our cards, there was only ONE working machine printing cards. Long line of reps holding passports waiting in line for that one machine. The Star was also boarding right next door, and they had insufficient staff and for sure equipment to handle Epic. It was ridiculous. Not a good start. In San Juan, the port they used was incapable of handling the size of the ship. They claimed CBP kept us on hold for hours because of crowds in the luggage area and CBP inspection. We ended up trapped like sardines on Deck 4 after they said we could finally debark, but we were all squeezed in there with no.movement off board for an hour, and they kept announcing that more groups could also debark, despite not one step forward! No one could move an inch. No staff there, so they claim they did not know! One lady in front of me was nearly passing out. it was the worst experience Ever. Never been so happy to get off a ship, then because of the location of the port, the taxis were a free for all when one did appear. It was disorganized chaos, and I truly felt for the people heading to port thinking they would quickly board. The ship was full of past passengers. If you experienced yesterday either trying to get off or on, it is understandable that you prefer to never sail Epic again, and possibly NCL.
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