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  1. Just boarded the Fantasy in Mobile! It’s chilly at the moment, but I’m looking forward to warm weather very soon.
  2. I'm torn between this and the La Casa beach day. They're at about the same price point. Good thing I have plenty of time to make up my mind! Lots of reviews of both on the Carnival site, but not many here. I'll have to do some more digging through trip reports and the Ports of Call board.
  3. Has anyone done the "VIP La Casa" adults only beach day through Carnival? It's pricey but sounds like it might be worth the splurge for a quiet, relaxing day.
  4. Thanks to @Tiger0613, I've looked into the details of the photo/foodie tour of Progresso, and I think we have a winner! I've never visited mainland Mexico; I think this will be a perfect tour for me. Still looking into options for Cozumel. I'm torn between a catamaran/snorkel option or maybe a beach day. Decisions, decisions...Honestly, I think planning a cruise is almost as much fun as going on one!
  5. Thanks, everyone! Some really neat suggestions here. The photo/foodie tour of Merida definitely sounds like something I would enjoy; I'll be sure to check that out! I'm sailing on the Carnival Fantasy from Mobile on December 14th. As far as how long is too long on a bus, anything more than an hour would probably be pushing it; shorter if the road is very windy or hilly. The Twister boat ride sounds like a no-go; I can't even watch 3-D movies without becoming miserably ill...
  6. So, first the disclaimers: Yes, I understand that it is perfectly safe and often easier to "do it yourself" at most cruise stops. However, I'll be traveling alone on my upcoming cruise and am more comfortable with cruise line excursions under the circumstances. Yes, I've checked out the Ports of Call forums, but those aren't nearly as active as this one, and therefore a lot of the information there is outdated. I've been looking through the excursion offerings and am suffering from a bit of decision paralysis. Now, for the fun part. 😄 Have you taken any particular Carnival excursions in either of these ports that you would recommend? Or that you'd strongly NOT recommend? Why or why not? I enjoy quiet, beautiful beaches (have done Nachi in Cozumel twice on previous cruises), snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, culture, and exploring local cuisine. I do NOT handle long bus rides well (severe motion sickness; most boats don't bother me, for whatever reason), so ruins are out. I prefer small excursion groups when possible. Love kids but would prefer adult company on this trip. My cruise will be in December, if that factors into your recommendation. Let's hear your stories, please. And photos, if you have them and feel like sharing!
  7. As someone who works on a college campus, my experience has been that these are primarily marketed to sports fans and concert attendees, not cruisers. And, yes, security guards bust people with these silly devices ALL THE TIME. Yet, most people are sure that *they* won't be the ones who get caught. Optimism or delusion? You decide. Lol.
  8. If you're looking to try something other than the steak, I HIGHLY recommend the lamb. I've had it twice now, on two different ships, and still dream about those meals.
  9. Sorry. I skipped a word - western Caribbean. I'm doing the Carnival Fantasy from Mobile, AL to Cozumel and Progresso on December 14th. For one person (so, paying for two fares but only one set of taxes, port fees, and pre-paid gratuities), my total cost is right at $700. That works out to about $140/night - I could't stay in a hotel locally and feed myself for that!
  10. If you want to cruise the week OF a major holiday, then prices will be sky high. I've found that there are really great deals to be had in the week immediately preceding Christmas, if that's an option for you. For example, I'm sailing alone on a 5-night western cruise this December for about 1/5 of the price you quoted. Of course, I'm sailing in an interior room on an older ship, but, still, hopefully you can see my point.
  11. As others have noted, this is a fairly common practice at resorts, hotels, and other vacation spots. I accidentally packed two bottles of shampoo instead of one shampoo and one conditioner on a cruise once. I ended up spending something like $15 for a bottle that would have cost about $3 at home, but there's no way I was going to make it through an 8-day cruise with no conditioner!
  12. I highly recommend developing a relationship with one Carnival PVP. I've been using the same PVP for over 8 years now. She knows my preferences, keeps an eye out for deals I might be interested in, and doesn't harass me with phone calls otherwise. If I have a problem, it's always fixed with a single, short phone call. Easy peasy.
  13. This. Shorter lines, less stress, and I can usually find my luggage instantly upon walking into the holding area. I don't know that I've ever been the very last one off, but I usually try to be in the last major group of people leaving. I don't like the "hurry up and wait" feeling of being in the early groups.
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