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  1. I enjoyed my cruise from Boston to Montreal. Had a family commitment so took the train the same day I arrived in MTL to Toronto. Would have stayed a few days otherwise. I did it in the fall, mid Oct - few chilly mornings, but great for seeing he fall colours and walking. Relaxing cruise. Lots to see and do, if you want or just stroll the ports. I was on Holland America - but most lines follow similar interties in the fall. Do not put a depost for 2021 - Canada is not allowing cruise ships in this year. Maybe by fall, but would not count on it. But see some lines still have cru
  2. I have cruised the east coast from Boston to Montreal on Holland America - will not happen in 2021 due to Covid There are ships that do only Canada, but cannot remember the name of the line..
  3. Agree with most comments - have many RC nights, only 1 msc - it was ok because it was not crowded - only 1/2 full. Liked that they did not seem to have the pee pool - yes said that. Hate pools where everyone is standing waste deep drinking all day and never move... get my drift? The msc ship I was on that did not happen. Not keen on food - cheap - not great selection or quality on MSC compared to RC or others. But value for the # of ports and length of cruise. Room was similar. So up to you if ports selection is what you want and length of cruise or timing. Lets
  4. They should notify you. But, the cabin change might be because of using every other cabin due to Covid. That you can change if you are all family. But the date of the actual cruise??? What are they thinking... I realize that might too have been out of their control. But, they must notify people. MSC will not make money this year, and will blame Covid - not their incompetency.
  5. I agree, and with luck, they will have some room for solo cabins without charging us double for a single person in our cabin. Would be interested to see if they have a cruise with the provision that you have had the new Covid needle before the cruise. And if they will make it mandatory for all crew and staff. Sailing sailing over the ocean blue.....
  6. I have been reading your letters. I have been cruising solo for 18 years - usually 2 or more a year. Have concerns about returning to cruising. Never join the solo cruise groups anymore - find them a strange collection of guests. Like being at a table of mixed guests and finding out about them. Also meeting new people throughout the ships. So, not sure how keeping distant from others would make the cruise any fun. But, do not want to "catch" Covid. Have no plans for a future cruise at the moment. Try to find places that there are few or no cases on the world map, but seems this is everywhere.
  7. I really hope they teach the staff how to serve at the buffet lines. before when they had to serve they gave huge portions even when you only asked for a small taste. I have put my plate down and walked away from it in discust… I cannot look at a huge plate of food, make me want to hurl. I am a small person. Cannot eat a huge scoop of anything!
  8. No. They still have people live on the islands And, you do not know who your crew or fellow passengers will be. In time maybe ..but it will be a long time yet..
  9. Thank you! Will look for the "daily" specials in the bars days I am on board.
  10. Can you buy the drink package on board? and can you buy it 1/2 way through cruise (4 week cruise)? They are only offering 1 pkg now online - do not want that pkg. Can you buy a pkg that is for 5 bottle of wine etc... thanks. cannot seem to find anyone that knows.
  11. Can anyone tell me if you can buy a wine only pkg when you are on board? The cruise is 4 weeks and the pkg is for all drinks and is over 1000 Cnd… do not want to be drunk everynight…. only want wine with dinner and maybe 1 - or 2 afternoon drinks.
  12. Ok, I find real pizza so different in Italy - but only if made locally, not the fast food stuff - and that is what is on any ship - standard fast food. Yes, your standard may be homemade "thin" crust with fresh local herbs. Never had that on any ship from any line! or in 99% of restraunts around the world. Too many people accept/love the big box style of food. I have been on many cruises, and yes had people from other nationalities push in front of me - I often make comments to them - funny they speak English at other times, not when you are say, 'heh you just cut me off - I wa
  13. Thanks, I have a 4 week cruise and there is only 1 package offered and it is almost 1000US kinda steep - I would not drink the 5 drinks per day for 4 weeks - or if I did I would be rolled off the ship in the last port....haha. Hope they offer a smaller package once I am on board. Or, will just buy as I go.
  14. Bit of a challenge - but got my flights rearranged. Arrive in Singapore at 25 after 12 on the 13th - hope to find a hotel for the night and board later in the afternoon. not keen on sitting at the port from that time of night until the ship lets me board. Will need sleep - long flight, and I am not a good airplane sleeper. Have been to Singapore before. Nice city - very clean. Pricey Single lady 71, able to walk, climb etc - love to join others in any out trips on our new schedule. Nancy
  15. Or, if you are a carded member of any of the hotel chains, they will hold your luggage for the day for a tip. Ask the bellman.
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