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  1. nanwel

    River cruising for solo female

    Not sure of your question. I am solo and mix with others, not just - singles. Travel is expensive, and if I am lucky (usually not) I can get a bit of a discount. Single cabins for solos most times are inside - I need at least a window or I have panic attacks, so I never book them. most discounts are 2 years out or very last minute. I go for the last minute - cannot get my life together 2 years out...
  2. nanwel

    Since you're paying double...

    Funny way to look at it - if we pay double - we may have spent out budget for that cruise. If I pay less, I go for mani-petti's, massages. More $ to plan on a port tour. The more I pay upfront, the less I spend on board.
  3. nanwel

    Premium Liquor Brands

    Bar staff were great - if you just said Gin and tonic you got the cheap stuff, if you ask for a specific brand and it is there - that is what they will pour - generous pours too I might add. (I gave a tip a few times at the begining of the cruise) - I almost always got my drinks at the pool bar - once they got to know me I got better booze without remembering to ask.
  4. The discounted rates for drink packages is available once you board. Then buy for the only person in the cabin - you. If you try to prepay that, they will expect you to pay for both people booked to travel.
  5. nanwel


    No problem - hope you enjoy the Costa line - I did. Felt modern, but a step back in time as well. Yes, I am in Orillia, and know Sudbury well - used to have a business partner there and my daughter went to Laurentian
  6. nanwel


    Keep loosing this thread, hope this answer get through. Language was most Italian - then English/French/and sometimes others There were many nationalities on board, but never had any trouble. All staff speak Eng. Shows were a dance production - no language/ many stage shows were musical or things that did not need specific language. I am single Cnd - sat with couple from Cnd, Us and a single gentleman us. Dinners were great fun - lots of entertainment in the main dinning room - like ships used to do and few do now. Fairly good library - locked except 10-12 and 2-5. Lots of entertainment on the pool deck and seafood buffets there on sea days. Glass cover for pool deck on rainy days. Mix of cruisers from all over the world - most variety I have ever seen - but all spoke a few words of E and we all managed to communicate. But, I am a world traveller and can say a few words in most languages. Ship was full, but never crowded - loved it - reminds me of cruising a few years ago when staff actually cared.
  7. this is a late answer - not sure of your sale date - I was cruising and they did not charge me double for a solo cabin, and I paid my drink pkg on board, so only paid for 1. same price as prepaid if you buy day 1
  8. nanwel


    I have just come off Costa Deliozza,single. and loved it. Not keen personally on Norweign - had a bad trip on Dawn - very rude staff in a family suite. I Costa Menu translations were a bit off - hard to know what you were getting on some items, but all were very good. Costa was cleanest ship I have been on in years - always cleaning everything. Rooms were larger and the flow of the ship was nice - easy to get around. If change of ports was your main concern, you will not be disappointed in Costa - I felt I got value for my $ without being gouged.
  9. nanwel

    MDR newbie questions

    I have booked my time - last time it was awful. but hope for better this cruise. (Allure) we had a person that did not like children, and I had 2 grandkids with me. I see here I can ask for a different server if that happens again. I like the main dinning room - like an occasional different meal, and sometimes do that, but grandma pays for 5 people for flights pre hotel and cruise - not much room for a lot of extra meals when free is a treat - I do not have to cook or clean up!! I was asked to come to the restaurant entrance before noon to request a time. and that usually work with a small wait each night - but found it odd the same staff each night, apparently our table was open waiting for us all night even after going down to book each day - hard to understand what is best to do.
  10. When I took my family on Oasis, they let my granddaughter order from the kids menu, but also add an item from the adult menu - ie kids pasta with a small steak. Caesar salad her favorite. kids dessert and sometimes an adult one too. They try really hard to make sure the kids enjoy their dinner! Think our server put that together on one plate and brought it to her. She was thrilled, she did not want the all adult meals, or all "kids" meals.
  11. nanwel

    Hong Kong restaurant

    I loved Hong Kong - if you get a chance go to the Midnight market - Tues night only from midnight till 2 - it was pouring rain the night I went, so was disappointed, but still enjoyed it, borrowed an umbrella from my hotel and went anyway. Would be much nicer on a dry night. Mostly locals eating local food, selling everything and anything in all sorts of booths - think some vendors did not come because of the weather, Would love to go again some day.
  12. They are just jealous they cannot afford to cruise with us! Or, that they do not have shares in the cruise line. As long as ships are safe and floating, I do not care what the ship looks like outside - it is not what keeps me cruising. Care more about food, room, entertainment etc...
  13. Usually they use a wand.I Tell them I have had replacement. I have a scar, but that makes no difference. very light pat down - by the end of the week not so much, they get to recognize you. Same treatment as airport, but less severe. A letter from a surgeon is not a valid piece of paper so they will not look at it. Anyone can produce one of those. I have NEXUS clearance, but still to through a scanner if they have one at airports,and or a pat down from a security person entering any place with a metal detector - including court houses. I warn anyone travelling with me so they are not alarmed when it happens. Be careful of your "stuff" when they pull you aside, that they do not allow anyone to pick up and move it except you - I have asked them to allow me to get my stuff off of the conveyor belt so no one else picks it up - they say it will be ok, yeah right... If they step aside with you the line keeps moving and anyone can take your day bag, purse - etc.
  14. nanwel

    Best things to do as a solo cruiser

    I go to the singles meet and greets - once I had a problem. found another lady that somehow got my room number and she phoned me several times a day and wanted to meet all day - where are you sitting, eating, join her for show - etc. Finally had to tell her to stop calling, I want to be alone. She was miffed and did not speak to again when I saw her, but that was ok. I do not feel the need to be joined by a stranger at every moment. I talk to a lot of people on the ship. Enjoy their stories of this ship/other cruises etc..but also like to be quiet at times.
  15. You can go to visit.... any city and find private tours. I have done that in some cities and at more reasonable prices. Was met just off the cruise, or they give you an easy place to meet. One walking tour was only a few minutes off the ship, was 1 hour guided walk reasonable - met just off stMarco square - small groups, easy walk - lots of free time after. They will also mail you maps from most cities before you leave home - gives you lots of ideas, sometimes if you read them, you think you really did not need a tour. But, tours get you in the door without lineups at the churches etc, If you have time - check out your cruise cities ahead of arriving there.