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  1. I'm thinking about booking a cruise in Alaska in September. How cold might it get? Any snow? The last two cruises we took were in July and it was so warm, it didn't even feel like Alaska so I'd appreciate any information.
  2. Does anybody know where the Ruby will dock for the day on our CA coastal stop in San Francisco. I think we'll be the only ship in port. Thanks for any information.
  3. Well, this stinks! We'll be on the Ruby in a couple of weeks and I hope we can request a chair. My husband loves to sit and read a book there. As with most Princess decisions, I'm sure this has to do with money. If you're staying in your room, you're not out spending money on the ship. With over 30 Princess cruises, we have noticed a change over the years and not for the better. I'm pretty this will be our last Princess cruise. Too bad.
  4. I promised to let you know how it turned out. To answer my original question, is EZ Air covered by Princess insurance? The answer for me is maybe. After filing the claim with Aon, we each received a check, which covered the cruise fare, but only a portion of our air. I called Aon and the lady I spoke with had handled our claim. She said she would check with Princess and call me back. After a week of waiting to hear from her, I called again and she said she was sending another check to each of us, but the amount still didn't cover the air. She said to call Princess and I might be able to request an additional refund. So, after waiting on line with a CSR at Princess, I was disconnected. I called back and waited another 45 minutes before receiving an answer. Princess was going to refund over $1,000, which would be a credit to my Visa card. I have no idea why. The amounts don't add up, but it is more than I requested, so I'm happy. I still don't know why Aon didn't handle the refund. Princess said I had restricted air, but I had purchased flexible air. I think the confusion was because after final payment, I requested early ticketing rather than waiting for 45 days out. I always do that because we fly out of a small airport on small jets and I'm afraid to wait for seat assignments. I did notice that the e-mails from Princess on our flight schedules went from flexible to restricted after final payment. Now, it makes sense, since after the flights are ticketed, you can't make any changes, which I never do because there is nothing to change to. Sorry this is so long. Since we've never had to cancel a cruise before, I wasn't aware of the flight changes. Anyway, maybe others have had this happen with Princess refunding money. I just didn't expect it.
  5. It looks like I'll have to call my TA and Princess. I just called Aon and spoke with someone who said the taxes and port fees should have been refunded. That amount was $750. On the date I cancelled the cruise, Princess refunded the pre-paid shore excursions, plus $650, with no explanation. I need to find out what that was for. I've added and subtracted everything and nothing comes out right. I'll check back and let you know what happens.
  6. After paying for insurance for over 30 cruises, we had to cancel our December cruise. I filed the insurance forms with Aon Affinity Travel Insurance. I received an e-mail stating that we would be receiving a refund. The amount they quoted only covered the cost of the cruise. We purchased our air from Princess and I thought that would be covered also. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'd like to know before I contact the Insurance company. Thanks for any information.
  7. We've been on the Star, Grand and Golden many times and our favorite stateroom is E619 on all these ships. It's between two lifeboats and the only "obstruction" is a few cables. It's the same view in E620 if you prefer port side. Check out the deck plans, they're usually very accurate.
  8. We'll be on the Sapphire in two weeks with Jo and Rob. We have two old coffee cards. Are we still able to use them?
  9. I'm just wondering if the hand washing stations outside the Horizon Court were added to the Sapphire during the drydock. On our last cruise on the Caribbean Princess, we didn't see anyone using them.
  10. When we did this cruise two years ago, we booked a tour to Volunteer Point with Patrick Watts in the Falkland Islands. We really loved it and the great thing about his tour is it is half the price as the Princess tour. There are lots of reviews about him on Trip Advisor, but be sure to reserve it early because his tours fill up quickly. You can just e-mail him and he's very easy to work with. We had booked the tour with Princess from Punta Arenas to the Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve, but unfortunately, the seas were a little rough, so the ferry wasn't running that day. It was a disappointment, but luckily, we had already seen so many penguins at Volunteer Point.
  11. Bassmaster, Were you able to stop in the Falkland Islands? It's weather dependent and we missed it on our first cruise and made it on our second cruise. The Emerald bridge cam is still stuck on December 24 so I have not been able to follow your cruise. Thanks again for your posts.
  12. Bassmaster, Thanks for your reports. We've done this itinerary twice, once with the Machu Picchu tour after the cruise. We really enjoyed the entire trip and think Princess does a great job with their cruise tours. We have friends who are on this cruise with you. I've been trying to follow their trip on the Emerald Bridge Cam, but unfortunately, it seems to be stuck on December 24. I hope you are able to tender into the Falkland Islands. We missed it the first time, but made it the second. The penguins are wonderful and we really enjoyed our all day tour with Patrick Watts. Continue to have a wonderful cruise and I'll be watching for more posts from you. Thank you so much for taking the time.
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