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  1. I don't think you're going to see any cruising out of the U.S until the end of the year...the very end...or 2021.
  2. Of course you're an Oceania cruiser. Maybe you could do some research into how to speak to people? Get over yourself. Maybe the OP had heard the "bankruptcy" on the news? Maybe they don't understand the deeper details/the difference in filings? Why can't some people on these boards just explain without the Thurston Howell arrogance and demeaning tone towards others?
  3. Even if they ultimately canceled the cruise anyway? Seems like a ***** technicality during a global pandemic, especially if the reason they are canceling has to do with said pandemic which, ultimately, is why the whole thing was canceled on both ends. It's nonsense. I'm with the OP.
  4. I think you're all looking at more like March of 2021. I doubt any of these cruises go out of the States this year.
  5. I agree. They're all going to simply write this year off, at least the cruises leaving from the sTates Just watch.
  6. Well, then they wonder why. Offer a reasonable rate for a package and people will pay it. If they feel like they're being ripped off, the urge to rip off in return ignites.
  7. I think they've lost their minds on most pricing. Just checked a cruise in June of next year, standard week long, 2 adults, 2 kids in a regular oceanview balcony, $8200 without drinks or anything. LOL!!! Get bent, Royal, and all cruise lines really. You raise everything when things are going well out of "supply and demand," but nothing when demand drops off huh? Travel agents have said bookings are down 25% for next year already, but no real deals? Way to win back the base.
  8. OH? LOL I can not even begin to tell you how much fun I would have had with the maitre d.
  9. People on these boards can be so rude. While we have no control over what others do, I completely understand. I used to love pulling up to a bar and having real conversations with other cruisers. It was fun and I formed some real friendships. Human interaction is decreasing on the daily but it's the way of the world. Part of all of this is a concerted effort on the part of powers that be to normalize this lack of face to face conversation and said human interaction for the coming robot invasion. LOL Sounds crazy but so true. Sooner rather than later you'll be like going to Dr C3PO.
  10. They can do whatever they want. I'm taking kids on a RC cruise in August because they "really, really want to goooo" and am looking at a 14 day Thailand/Vietnam cruise on Celebrity in November simply because it's a steal at $2000 each for a balcony mid ship with all 4 perks, but other than that, I'm the type who is put off by things like this. There is no way in Hell they can justify $100 per person on a reservation in costs on their end. It's like when I wanted to change the name on my cable bill from my sister to me and we had the same address and last name. $20. For??? "IT's a change of r
  11. Reduce the time frame in which you can cancel without penalty as I imagine most cancellations are for reservations made far in advance on a whim. Call it 6 months instead of the 3 it used to be. I think that would be more fair. At the very least, refund the remainder after the $100 as original payment versus a credit towards a future cruise. No?
  12. Nonrefundable deposits where they keep $100 per person when you know they are going to resell the cabin, is corporate theft imo, pure and simple. How do they justify keeping $100 per, especially when it's say, a 4 person res? So they just get $400 for no real reason?
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