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  1. I'll do some tests in the test forum. My original photos are huge, like 4032 x 3024 pixels for example. I use a software program to export them to 800 pixels, so they should be a nice size, not too big. Thanks!
  2. It's been a while since I posted a picture, worked perfectly. It also gave me a review of the photo. When I hit attach, the photo just appeared at the bottom, rather than in my post!!! Great tip! Is there a specific size preferred here? I'm thinking of posting a review with tons of pics. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the response. We wouldn't be able to drive to Miami in January, too risky with the weather. Our final payment isn't until October, but still want to start planning now, in case we decide to cancel. We'll lose some money for sure. No one knows how the situation will be when the colder weather starts up. Stay safe and healthy!
  4. Hi there, we're booked for Jan 2021 (NFD). Just wondering, we usually book flights at least two months prior. Do you need to book flights for your sailing?
  5. Wow, I have the same phone, but perhaps I didn't have sufficient lighting during our sailing.
  6. Thanks for the great review so far and pictures. What type of camera or phone did you use for the CocoCay pictures?
  7. Good idea! BTW, I just checked the price for our 2021 sailing, and it's about $127 less, not a huge difference.
  8. That is strange about the consistency. I hope it remains the same too! And, I hope they have the sauces and soft serve at the location near Chill Island next time! Now I'm craving one or two!!!!
  9. I didn't know that at all? Thanks Anita! Edited: You mentioned South Beach, we stayed on the other side ... Chill Island It was good, but I found it too plain imo. I'm all for sauce too! Don't tell me they had the caramel drizzle at Snack Shack too??!
  10. OMG, that funnel cake, I miss it so much! I had second thoughts about walking over to Chill Grill to get some soft serve to put on top, but I couldn't get up ... it tastes great when it's hot!
  11. Thanks, yes, changed my mind from when I first posted this! Much appreciated!
  12. Thank you. It would be nice to experience Miami, can't find rates for Hampton Inn Brickell yet (we're too far out), but I have it bookmarked!
  13. Just chiming in here with a different question. Our sofa appeared to be extra dusty, and I'm allergic, so we used our lint roller. Was your sheet to cover the sofa for a similar reason? Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I was considering that. We sailed out of FLL once and it was great, loved the area. I've never experienced Miami airport, but was thinking the same thing as you.
  15. I didn't get the lens in time for our cruise, but I think I did ok with just my iPhone. I only used the dslr in San Juan and on balcony for CocoCay. I've been very sick since returning. I'll let you know about the lens! Thanks for your link! I've read this many times, why are the MDR waiters offended when we have specialty dining reservations? They are still paid their gratuities? The description on the butter was too tiny to read! What exactly is it? I found it was difficult to open.
  16. Hi again, I finally found time to check out the lens. It sounds like it's the right lens for me, however, the sales agent said there is a used lens he could sell me for $300. I'm hoping it will come in before we sail, but it would be good to look at the condition and save some $$$. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks again for the recommendation! BTW, I couldn't find the link to your Flickr (I went on your website)
  17. Flights are stressful John! Our flights to Orlando (non-stop) were over $1,000 each! We were able to use our WJ rewards. I'll keep looking for some good hotel deals and book as you said 🙏👍
  18. I have rewards with WestJet, but it's not showing dates yet. I'll check in a few more months. I normally book our cruise about 6 months out. This is the first time I've booked this far out (for me at least)! Thanks again!
  19. Not until January 24, 2021, but I'm trying to get an idea of how much things cost now, for budgeting. We've never been to Miami before. I actually like cruising out of Fort Lauderdale. Next week, we'll be on Harmony! Thanks for asking John. It might be too soon to look at hotels.
  20. We're down to 2 days due to budget. I will look at those two areas. It would be nice if we could experience Miami for the first time. Hopefully, I can find some good hotels that are budget friendly! Thank you!
  21. Oh my bad, yes thanks for the reminder. I thought I missed something here ...lol I've bookmarked that site!
  22. Did I miss the site you mentioned above John?
  23. Sounds great, I just heard the week of Martin Luther King is busy with kids as well, and the Jewish faith who don't celebrate Christmas.
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