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  1. We just visited London this summer for 5 nights. We stayed at the Hampton by Hilton. It’s a next to the Old Vic theater and a block from the Waterloo Tube and train station. Location was great and easy to walk or take the tube or train to anywhere in London. This is is nothing like a Hampton Inn in the states, it’s a few steps above what you find here. Great breakfast buffet with really dishes. The rooms are tiny (cruise cabin small) but a lot of rooms in London are.
  2. Thanks! Does anyone happen to know when the schedule will be extended through the end of February?
  3. hardingk

    Coco Cay Cabanas Question

    Hi! We are back! We had a cabana in April. It came with 2 loungers on the side of the structure, a L shaped couch in the inside, 3 beach lounger chairs on the sand, and 2 floating mats. It also included a cooler with ice and 4 1 liter bottles of Evian. We were also given a "special high-end" buffet lunch. The buffet was horrible! The salads and cheeses, looked as if they had been sitting out for awhile (we got there right when the buffet opened). They were discolored or sweating. The hamburgers and other meats were undercooked (my husbands hamburger was raw in the center). We did hear that that ran out of food on the island for the other guests. The positives were that we were allowed access to a private section of the beach. We were also given priority access to get off the ship, and did not have to get a tender ticket number. You are given 2 tickets for snorkeling gear. (that you would have to pay separately for). They give you golf cart service around the island. If you need shade, this is definitely the best option. The negatives were that there was supposed to be a limit of 6 people per cabana. Some cabanas had over 12!! People were also smoking behind the cabanas and it blew into other cabanas. There are no bar servers, you have to walk up to the bar. For some reasons, those attendants that walk around the island with the premade drinks, were not allowed into the roped off private area. I believe we paid $249 for the cabana. This is cheap compared to Disney's rate of $499-599 depending on the time of year. But with Disney you get A LOT more for your money (in the cabana and on the ship!). That must be why it costs double! LOL! Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. hardingk

    Cococay- cabana vs bungalow

    The bathrooms are a little bit of a walk on uneven sand from the cabanas to get to. It also sounds like the bungalows have a much better lunch menu!
  5. hardingk

    Cococay- cabana vs bungalow

    Just got off the Anthem last week and we had a cabana last week at Coco Cay. The max people is supped to be6 but we saw several families tipping the cabana attendent and they gave families more then 6 VIP bracelets. (One family had at least 10 people in their cabana.) The cabanas had great shade (this is why we booked one). The upgraded buffet was horrible (undercooked meats, cold cut and cheese trays that had been out in the heat too long and were sweating or discolored 🤢). There was a bar with the buffet, where you had to go to get drinks. Unlike in Labadee where the cabin attendant got them for you. Overall, I’m grateful we had the shade (I’m a melanoma survivor and very precautious in the sun.). They are located right by where the jet skis go in and out of. One other perk was that we didn’t need to get a tender ticket to get off the ship, we were allowed to go with the first tender group off the ship.
  6. Just an update....we got back from the Anthem last week. Renting a car was easy at Port Canaveral. We ended up renting through Alamo, as they had the best rate. When we got off the ship, and we’re out of the terminal (terminal 6 we docked at), the Alamo/enterprise and national rental car shuttle came right away. We were at the office in 5 mins. There was no line and we were in the car in under 5 minutes. I did do online checkin ahead of time and all my information was submitted prior, making it quicker. When we returned, the office was already closed for the day. We parked the car in the lot across the street and dropped the keys off in the drop box. There were at least 4 taxis waiting to take people back to the ship.they did charge us $15 to go to the terminal, which I thought was a lot bc Uber was saying $9.
  7. hardingk

    RCL Florence/Pisa Port Question

    Thanks for the responses. We’re still torn of what to do. We’ve sailed Oasis before and sailed on the Vision’s sister ship, Legend. We are going more for the itinerary, then the ship. Decisions, decisions!!
  8. Does anyone happen to know the difference in the Florence/Pisa ports? I’m looking at the Oasis and Vision itineraries for next summer and Oasis goes to La Spezia and Vision goes to Livorno. Does anyone know the diffubetween the two? Is one closer then the other?
  9. Looks like we are also going to be docking at Terminal 6.
  10. Yes, we are on a 7 night. We did an 8 night in October and we were in port from 6am-1:30am! It was great. We have family in Florida, so trying to figure out a time to meet. Thx!
  11. WOW! What was the original arrival time? We are sailing at the end of March and our arrival time is 12Noon. Was wondering if we would be able to get off earlier.
  12. Has anyone booked and prepaid for speciality dining reservations on the Anthem with a child? When booking online, I have to pay at time of booking, but believe kids are free or reduced rate. Will I be credited back what I paid ahead of time? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the pictures! What time were you able to disembark in Port Canaveral?
  14. Our itinerary has us in port from noon to 9:30pm. From experience, will we be able to get off the ship by noon? Earlier?
  15. Thank you for the info! What’s the address of the enterprise you rented from?