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  1. The Argentine National Immigration Agency (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) has informed by Disposition 6437-E/2017 published on November 23, 2017, that effective January 1st, 2018, Canadian Citizens or Canadian Passport holders entering Argentina territory will be exempt from paying the reciprocity fee.
  2. Keithb

    Antarctica kayaking

    Does anyone know the best day to kayak while on the Seabourn Quest intinerary? :cool:
  3. Can anyone tell me how true the sizes are for the parka and boots.?
  4. Thanks to all for your responses. Carolyn is shedding my a referral. Keith
  5. I am sailing for the first time with Seabourn in Jan 2018. We are going to Antarctica. Does anyone have a referral coupon? Thanks in advance. Keith ksbergh03@gmail.com
  6. Keithb

    Beer selection on Oadis

    Thanks for that info.
  7. Are craft beers available on Oasis of the Sea
  8. Are craft beers available on this ship?
  9. Keithb

    Formal Nights

    Thanks for the info. Cheers
  10. Keithb

    Formal Nights

    I am booked on Oosterdam, Seattle to Seattle. Alaska. Can anyone tell me which nights have been formal nights on this trip this month???