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  1. CruisingTexans

    Symphony "Flight" Show

    We are on the June 10th sailing of Symphony, and I was able to book Flight last week. There are, however, very limited times available.
  2. Coffee in hand, ready to go!!!!! I love the Freedom. Thank you in advance, Michelle
  3. CruisingTexans

    Sailing out of Galvestion this Sunday!

    Hope you have a great time!! The Mariner is a beautiful ship. Michelle
  4. Looking forward to your review. I hope you have a great vacation!! The smile on Marie's face says it all!!
  5. CruisingTexans

    Cruising to Healthy

    Brooke, this is Michelle from Texas. I am sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.
  6. I am so excited, Radio to be cruising with you from Texas!!! Have a great vacation and thank you in advance for your report. You always do a maaaahhhhhvelous job!!!! Take care, Michelle
  7. CruisingTexans

    * TEXAS Cruisers *

    I predict you will be hooked on cruising just as my DW and I are. We discovered cruising back in 2004 and now just can't cruise enough. WE LOVE IT. :D Since this thread is under "Cruise Rituals" I would have to say that aside from DW packing months in advance, we enjoy reading Cruise Critic. On the cruise, we try to catch all the shows in the main theater. Also, we make sure to sample the Drink-of-the-Day............. EVERY day :eek: Kevin
  8. Just booked cabin 1700 on Freedom!!! It is our first time in this cabin and we are so excited. Thank you for the pics. Michelle and Kevin
  9. CruisingTexans

    Cruising to Healthy

    Hi Brooke, I wanted to chime in as well to tell you that here in Texas we are cheering you on!!! I am a long time lurker but can hardly give advice as I am in a struggle with my weight right now as well. I am currently on WW and am on the buddy system with a great friend. I believe we are all great friends on Cruise Critic which is why I am on here every day, so please always continue posting. You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure countless others. Take care and as you say "Good Choices"!!!!! Michelle
  10. CruisingTexans

    Short changing the Mariner?

    QUOTE "Now you 11-11-11 Mariner cruisers have a job to do - get on there, get that crew Texanized fast and report back to all of us! " __________________ We will do the best we can!!!! See y'all in 2 days!! Michelle
  11. YEA, Radio is Back!!!!!!! Thank you in advance. You do such a great job. Our own roving reporter!! Have a great cruise, Michelle
  12. Yea Trainman!!!!!!!!! We found you!!! I am so excited to be sailing with you and Judith. Thank you so much for taking us along. Have a great vacation, Michelle
  13. Thank you, Radio. We all appreciate the time and effort it took for you to do your live review. Hubby and I are with you on all of your sailings. It keeps us happy between our own cruises!!!!! Thanks again, Michelle
  14. CruisingTexans

    You Can Now Redeem Visa Points Electronically

    So easy!!!! 5 minutes from log in to email confirmation for onboard credits. Thank you Patty!!!
  15. CruisingTexans

    Some photos from Rhapsody

    We loved the Rhapsody as well. She is a great ship!!