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  1. I just found that thread also... To quote The Cranberries: "If everyone else is doing it, why can't we"
  2. Okay, we are a little confused. We are sailing on Niew Statendam in about two weeks. We just received an email from HA stating that we get to board at 2:30. Ummm, that's awfully late for lunch, especially that we have early dining.... Is this normal? We are used to being boarded much closer to noon...
  3. On the Dutch Cafe menu, I didn't see hot Chocolate. Do they not serve it, or am I being blind again?
  4. I looked at the solo cabins for my upcoming cruise. Since they had an ocean view, they were more expensive than a normal interior. And if I remember correctly they have a smaller footprint. Plus they were on a lower deck all the way forward.
  5. We are receiving some of these beverage cards for our cruise via AAA. What are we allowed to use them for? None of us drink alcohol... I'm guessing Hot Chocolate twice a day from The Dutch Cafe????? Is there a list somewhere as to what is allowed?
  6. I assume that they dim the lights for the movies. Has anyone looked up to see the stars? Can you see stars? I tried to stargaze on other cruises, but there was always to many lights on the ship...
  7. Thanks for the Breakfast menu. For a second there I thought everything came with eggs... Yes, I am one of those weird people who do not like eggs....
  8. While you are taking photos, can you take one of your cabin bathroom? There has been many discussions on the placement of the toilet and the shower...
  9. And as far as the libraries, how many people here are either bringing books already, or an iPad/Android tablet/Nook with books loaded on them? I am...
  10. I probably missed this in the earlier posts but, what camera are you using? Or is this from a cellphone?
  11. Thanks. Most of the threads I saw were flying into FL and cruising from Miami. I assumed they were roughly the same, but wanted to make sure...
  12. We are cruising out/in Fort Lauderdale. However the flights home are looking pretty bad. How long and how much to go from FL cruise terminal to Miami Airport? There will be 5 adults with luggage, so I am guessing we will either need to take a bus, or get two ubers....
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