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  1. Yes, we have been cancelled out of our cruise this year. I have been doing some re-booking for next year as well as 2022. I was surprised at how booked the Anthem was for April 2022. Very few Junior Suites. I was wondering if demand is that high for most sailings.
  2. I have been in large groups a number of times, up to 20. Personally, i found that anything more than 8 at a table is horrible. One cruise, we had 10. Yelling over people from one end to the other, driving the wait staff crazy, etc. If you really want to enjoy dining, I would strongly suggest 2 or 3 tables, and do not have assigned seating. Switch it up each night.
  3. Revived memories and flashbacks of growing up in the 60s ..... and yep, one pill made you larger, and one pill made you small. Wondering if that was their plan.
  4. We have done Restless Native twice. I highly recommend it. You pick it up right at the cruise ship dock, so very convenient. First time there was possibility of bad weather, storms, so, Xander gave everyone the option of opting out and getting a refund. I said damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, and managed to have a good time.
  5. Well, if we listen to the environmentalists, we need not worry about a damn thing. Climate Change .... errrr ..... Global Warming ....... Polar Vortex will have all humanity killed off in 12 years. Or are we down to 11 now? Plan accordingly.
  6. The cabin crawls we have done, there were never any drinks or refreshments. As for looking at different cabin classes, it was nice to see a grand suite, and on the Oasis, you cannot imagine what an Aqua cabin is like. Imagine a balcony that has picnic tables and can hold 50 people comfortably. They are usually held on a sea day, and is an activity that can be somewhat special. One other thing, we have always started out at the highest deck so we could use the stairs and avoid elevators.
  7. A lot depends on the cruise line / ship and itinerary. Our cruises on RCL, Allure, Oasis, and Explorer had great roll calls. They were pretty simple, no slot pulls, gift exchanges, but, we did a cabin crawl and we got together for sail away at the pool bar. Our last three cruises on Celebrity and Princess were about as dull as paint drying. We did have enough scheduled for a MM, but I chose not to participate.
  8. When selecting walkie talkies, go for the loudest ones. When you find out that they do not work on a cruise ship, get one of these for a backup:
  9. I heard that the pool pipes broke, leaked to deck 9, 8, and 7. Initial report said 30 cabins affected.
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