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  1. Friscoonetwo

    Entertainment reservations

    Also be aware that the reservation only guarantees you a seat. Watched parties of 4 or more show up 5-10 minutes before show time and expected to sit together. Nope reservation guarantees you a seat not 4 or more seats together.
  2. Friscoonetwo

    Princess Panama Canal

    Pam and Tagsfan are so right. One of best decision we made was to take the small ferry through the other 2 locks and into the Pacific. My DW nd I have pics of us touching the lock wall. That is how up close and personal you get to the locks on the tour. Be aware that the bus ride to the Galliard Cut where you pick up the ferry is about an hour but the scenery was nice.
  3. Friscoonetwo

    Seaside "Aurea" boarding?

    We boarded about 11:45 and were eating lunch in the Buffet by 12:15. Did not notice any barding time on our tickets. We are among those who tend to ignore them anyway!
  4. Friscoonetwo

    Seaside "Aurea" boarding?

    Hopefully they will have signs out for Aurea Boarding. When we went on the Seaside May 24th, was nothing indicating where Aurea boarding was. By chance we went in the left door, asked the person standing there where Aurea boarding. Oh he said right here, lifted the rope for us and we went right to security. Would have been nice if there had been signs outside directing Aurea passengers where to go. You will enjoy the perks with Aurea and we found ourselves spending a lot of time up Deck 19. And made good use of the spa.
  5. Friscoonetwo

    Move over cruise and upgrade

    DW and I are both retired and usually can take advantage of a move over. We usually book our flights from here in Maine to FLL on Soutwest so if we do get a move over offer, no charge to change our flights.
  6. According to Salary Expert Longshoreman at Port Everglades make on the average of $28.00/hour or about $60,000 per year with added bonuses of $1500. Call me cheap and flame me but do you really need to tip a guy who is making $28.00 per hour? And as an aside, do you tip the desk person at the airport who takes your bags and puts them on the conveyor to the baggage section to be put on the plan. To me it is about the same, putting your bags on something for you.
  7. Friscoonetwo

    No Crown In Bar Harbor

    To anyone on the Crown right now, did they give you any reason as to why you missed Bar Harbor. DW and I were in Bar Harbor for a few days and were looking forward to seeing the Crown in the Harbor. Anthem of the Seas was in port on Monday and was impressive but really wanted to see the Crown. Thanks in advance
  8. Friscoonetwo

    Coral Princess - automatic gratuity

    Are you going to carry a roll of bills with you at all times to tip everyone who serves you? Such as the girl who brings you your orange juice in the buffet, then the young man who brings you your coffee refill, then the girl who clears your table when you go back to refill your plate? 3 different servers for one breakfast and at times could be more. Oh and how can I forget the girls who serve you warm cookies and milk in the Atrium in the afternoon, and can not forget the guys at Trident Grill as well as the ones at Scoops. I could go on but I think that the point is that there are so many who serve you aboard the ship, that to tip each and every one becomes a logistical nightmare to try and hunt them down at the end of the cruise to tip them, at least in my opinion. So leave it on so that all you serve you aboard the ship get their due.
  9. Friscoonetwo

    So if you get left at a port ....

    This may sound like a rather dumb question. But if you have missed the ship and it is heading out to sea, how do they get the contents of your cabin safe to the post agent since the ship has left the port?
  10. Friscoonetwo

    First time on Princess-CB-thoughts on experience

    Not sure why you had to go to Deck 15 for your beach towels. Been on 7 Princess cruises and beach towels have always been in the closet by the bathroom and always replaced by our steward as we used them.
  11. Friscoonetwo

    Luggage tags...

    http://www.cruisecritic.com/store/ Bought 4 of these 4 years ago and they are still going strong.
  12. Friscoonetwo

    Emerald a HUGE disappointment

    Been on the Emerald 3 times now and it is a great ship with great crew. As for the buffet issues, yes I have experienced things like that in the buffet and said something to a server or of the people behind the serving centers and it was taken care of. As an aside, I have seen the same behavior hotel breakfast buffets as well as at dinner buffets. Guess people like that are everywhere.
  13. Friscoonetwo

    Thrift Car Rental - Port Everglades

    You could grab a taxi however minimum fare is $10.00 even if the meter is less. And from the port to Thrifty will it will be less. So you are looking at $10.00 plus tip as opposed to waiting a bit for the shuttle. Guess it depends on how valuable you figure your time is.
  14. Friscoonetwo

    Shared Coffee Card

    A thought on putting your name on the back of the card. Why? On a couple of different cruises I have picked up a partially used coffee card in the atrium. Turned them into the service desk, but with no name on them hard for the service desk to know the proper owner. Also << DO NOT put your room number.>>
  15. Friscoonetwo

    If there's a hurricane....

    Add my thoughts to those who do not take insurance. I was one of you up until March 2013 when I fell on ice and broke my fibula in 2 places a week before the cruise. Orthopedic doc said, cruise in 1 week I don't think so. 2 days before we were to leave for the cruise, I was in surgery getting a rod and screws in my leg. What did I get back from Princess? Nothing and I did not expect anything. I had booked Southwest so did not lose that money and was able to cancel hotel room. So it was a $2200 hard lesson to learn. Will had insurance since and will continue to do so.