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  1. We are cruising at the very end of June and into July. Still a very good chance that this will be cancelled, i think. We usually book direct, but for this time we used a travel agent. I am very glad. She's checking on all the updates for us, so we'll know. If it's cancelled, that's OK. We understand. Will probably take the FCC if that happens.
  2. I see your point. When a global pandemic isn't raging, we cruise about twice a year, so it works for us. It's nice for people to be able to make choices.
  3. I am sorry, and hope you are on your feet again soon.
  4. We are watching this. Thinking about buying stock with our tax refund, and watching it grow back to health.
  5. Personally, we are doing OK financially through this so far, so i would take the 125% future cruise credit. But I wouldn't blame anyone for taking the cash. Toilet paper costs money.
  6. We found one on our last cruise, which we are taking on our June cruise to free back into the wild so someone else can find her! We are also going to bring our own to hide. Anyone have any tag templates they can share?
  7. This will be my third cruise on Liberty, and I have enjoyed the other two. It's been a few years. I'm not worried about the condition of the ship: I've seen ships come out of dry dock with issues! But tell me your favorite things on these recent cruises. I'm trying to remember all my highlights!
  8. Maybe drill a hole. They could pass food down to you and save you a trip.
  9. Traditional wisdom is the higher the better. Traditional wisdom also says try to have cabins above and cabins below. However, I have never had a noise problem from being over a public area. I can't speak for these specific rooms, but I wouldn't worry about the Windjammer. Maybe if there was a food fight....
  10. Have they rolled the app out on Liberty of the Seas? I cruised the ship a couple years ago, and it wasn't available.
  11. More chance of her getting Norovirus, and she has some control over that with hand washing. Good luck!
  12. You forgot the rice cooker and extension cord.
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