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  1. Sorry for the never ending questions, but if we take the ship transportation to Time Square we need to get on the downtown hop on and take it to stop 10 or 12 for the 911 Memorial, is one stop a better option than the other? And then is it within walking distance to the Red Hook from the 911 Memorial or do we need to find a way to get there? The Red Hook is the ferry that runs to Brooklyn and it looks like it is 2.75 pp? How far is the ferry from Time Square? Thank you all so much your info is very helpful
  2. We have already paid for the transfer back to the Brooklyn Port. Would the ferry to Red Hook be the Brooklyn Port? Our ship comes into the Brooklyn Port? Thanks
  3. Thank you, The cruise line wont tell me which bus company it is they say they dont know. We start by getting off the ship and onto our motor coach for transfer from the ship to Time Square at 8:30 am and we have to be back there(Time Square) by 1:30 or 2:30 pm (I am assuming)for the ride back to the ship I am not sure what time. So when we get to Time Square we should get on the Downtown Route for the 911 Memorial? And then we will just see what we can fit in after that. What stop should we get off on the downtown route to see the 911 Memorial? Thank again for all your help I hope you have a Blessed day
  4. Thank you sooooooooo much for the info...It will be our first time in NYC we have booked the hop on hop off through the ship because it includes our transportation to and from the Brooklyn port. We are coming the day before the New York Marathon, we will be there on Nov. 2nd, so the traffic will probably be really bad. Do you know which line we will need to get on to go to the 911 Memorial, if there is one that goes there? Thank you again for the info
  5. Need to know if dock 22 is close to Les Lofts St.-Pierre. Thank you
  6. Looks like the Caribbean Princess will dock at #22 does anyone know how close this is to Lofts St-Pierre in Quebec? Thank you
  7. We are booked on a hop on hop off in NYC on Princess, the Caribbean Princess and I was wondering if anyone knows which hop on hop off company they use, there appears to be more than one. I want to print a map so I have an idea of what we want to do so I can map it out, or even if anyone knows if the routes run the same. I called Princess and they would not tell me they said they don't have that information listed. Thank you all in advance
  8. I checked and the docks are not assigned for October yet. Our ship comes in on the 23rd but we do not get on the ship until the 24th and the ship does not leave until the 25th. Looking at the schedule it looks like there is our ship plus 2 more, the Seabourn Quest and the Silver Whisperer. I am not sure what cruise line they are but I can't imagine they would move our ship to another dock after it comes in on the 23rd. Hopefully it will be close to our hotel. Thanks again for you input and help
  9. Thank you for the info...We are on the Caribbean Princess it is almost 113,000 tons. So hopefully it will be across from our loft. Thank you again
  10. Lofts St-Pierre is across the street from the port in Quebec but we are not sure how far it is to get to the Princess terminal...We were wondering if anyone could tell if we should take taxi or if it is within walking distance, and of course we will have luggage to drag with us. Thank you all in advance
  11. We are scheduled to get off of a Princess Cruise and get on a Royal Caribbean cruise the same day at Fort Lauderdale but we do not know how far apart the terminals are. We are thinking the best way to do it if they are to far apart to walk is do get a taxi. Thank you for any help and suggestions
  12. We are scheduled to cruise the Caribbean Princess on a Canada New England cruise and we would like to know if they have a lot of seafood in the main dinning room. Thank you in advance
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