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  1. We've had four in an outside cabin on Maasdam - it was okay for us. We did not spend a huge amount of time there. DD had the upper berth and DS slept on the sofa bed (didn't bother to have it pulled out - just had steward make the single sofa into a bed)... it was definitely "do-able" for us on a 10-day sailing.
  2. I agree 100% - no more Explorations Cafe in the Crow's Nest!!!!!
  3. Those prices are an absolute STEAL! Please email me the name of your TA!!! I'd love to be able to take advantage of those deals. I have tons of Marriott, Hilton, Amex points... never had a deal offered like this - especially for a Penthouse!
  4. Thank you Joanie. Your wishes mean a great deal to me and our entire family. :) We usually hear from him every few days, and that is a relief. Thank the Lord for the AT&T iPhone!
  5. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. :) I'm sorry I don't know the cost of the thermal package for two - we had it as part of the Suite package. I might be able to find out for you though.
  6. There was no step up into the bathroom areas. The shower, however, is smaller than expected - and no wheel chair access. If you can use the tub, it is fantastic. I'd be happy to send you some pictures. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for our family. My son messaged me tonight saying it was rainy and muddy - and not the best conditions in Afghanistan.
  7. Sorry Debbie! I had something come up and haven't been at the computer for a few days.... I'll get them out, promise! And thanks to all of you for keeping my son and the many other men and women serving our country in your thoughts and prayers - especially during the holidays when they are away from home and loved ones. :)
  8. You are so correct! I've noticed this too. Almost makes me think it's not really worth the time and effort to post one, but I do think there are a lot of posters who actually do appreciate it. It's usually the same old "rabble rousers" who jump on the negative reviews anyway. :rolleyes:
  9. Thanks Debbie - it will be our second Christmas without him, but it never gets any easier. :) The supplies don't last long over there, anything they get from home, is so greatly appreciated. I scanned the menus in - look for my email - I may have to do it in groups, otherwise the file may be to large for my email provider.
  10. I think your TA should bear some of the responsibility! If my TA is out of the office or otherwise unavailable, she always has contact information available (via her voicemail and email) for another agent in the office who will be available. I have also heard that HAL will not discuss TA bookings with clients directly, but when my DD left her cruise tickets at home and we were already in FLL - I NEEDED to know if they were required so I could have someone go to my house, get them and Fed Ex them to me at the hotel. Seattle was in the middle of that terrible snow storm and no one was in my TA's office, so I called HAL directly and spoke with them - they were very kind and helpful, and said as long as we had the online docs filled out and printed, she was fine. The woman even gave her name, her title and her phone extension, in case we had any problems at the pier. In cases where time is of the essence, I think HAL will speak to TA booked pax. I wish the OP would have picked up the phone and called them.
  11. For those of you waiting on the menus, I'll try and get them to you today - we had a bad storm yesterday - lots of snow and very cold temps! My son just called from Afghanistan, said he was a little tired, but overall, doing pretty well. His call made my day. :)
  12. He is quite a character! Loved some of his stories. We found the food in Pinnacle to be excellent, when we met him, I was surprised he was so young!
  13. That's a lot of "trust" LOL!! The one time Sonny insisted on packing himself - he forgot SO many things, he ended up conceeding that while I may tend to "over pack" he usually always has what he needs. :)
  14. We heard about your sailing from the crew! Sorry you had to miss HMC - but I agree, better to be same than sorry.
  15. We enjoyed meeting you as well. :) Hopefully, we'll meet again. Thanks so much for putting together our M & G - I think we had a pretty nice turn out.
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