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  1. I purchased two king size Princess feather pillows along with the Princess pillow cases about a year ago and they are the best pillows I have ever slept on. Not that crazy for the pillow cases as they are not very soft to the touch.
  2. I booked my flights the other day through Princess EZ-Air and did have to pay for them upfront. Went forward with the air booking because I don't think I could beat $300/pp R/T PVD to LAX with one stop in CLT and the flight times were perfect coming and going.
  3. Our cabin is A734 on the Royal Princess. I know about the soot having sailed in the past in an aft balcony on the NCL Breakaway, but will trade the soot for the aft views. :) With regards to getting the suite, let's just say I already paid for it on my last cruise on the Sky Princess if you know what I mean.
  4. I was offered from Princess for several sailings in 2021 an aft penthouse suite, $1000 free play, paid gratuities, wi-fi, and drink package. Chose a 3/2021 LA R/T CA coastal cruise on the Royal Princess.
  5. I too got the offer and was pleasantly surprised I was offered a suite. 🙂 In addition to the suite got $1000 free play, Princess Plus with drinks, wi-fi & gratuities. Booked an S3 aft penthouse suite on the Royal for the 3/13/21 CA Coastal R/T LA sailing. Our cost for this was $200/pp plus the $100/pp deposit which we get back in OBC. We made Elite on our Sky cruise this past February so it will be nice to have the Elite perks in addition to what the Casino offered with this booking. I waited a few days before booking this cruise and had no trouble getting through to book.
  6. This past Sunday I returned from a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Sky Princess and did not notice any different vibe on this ship compared to previous cruises. What I did notice was that open space cleaning seemed to be meticulous and continuous, and in the buffet once guests finished eating their tables were cleaned off immediately. So I think the crew did a great job keeping the ship clean and sanitized as possible. What did and does concern me more than taking a cruise is mode of travel to and from a cruise. And for us unless a cruise leaves from NYC or Boston our mode of travel woul
  7. I have been on 8 Princess cruises since 2004 and will be sailing on my 9th on the Sky the cruise prior to yours and have worn a more dressy capri on each of my cruises and a few pairs are packed for this one and have never been turned away from the dining room.
  8. I too enjoyed the pup photo and a fellow golden lover and the course of 20 years was owned by three and my 1st was also named Bailey. Number 2 was Duffy and number 3 was Kelly.
  9. I am an R.N. of 42 years and the 1st 20 of those years was an ER nurse. Last year while on the Crown Princess waiting for a spa treatment got chatting with the ship's physician who happened to be in the spa when I was waiting for my massage. This physician was actually a general surgeon who had a practice in AZ and arranged to take two months off from his practice during the winter to work on the ship. He told me the ship's infirmary is very equipped to handle most emergencies, but the goal is always stabilization then transfer to the nearest hospital. That being said, even if your husband has
  10. I used to get more NCL cruise comp offers balcony or above than I could possibly accept. My last cruise comp from NCL was a Haven Spa Suite on the Epic for a 10 day Italy coastal cruise two years ago, and as luck would have it hit a $7,500 jackpot on that cruise and since completing that cruise have not heard from CAS with any offers despite playing a good chunk of that jackpot back. After not sailing with Princess for a number of years out of the blue last year I got a balcony comp offer from them for multiple cruises and used it for a 10 day southern Caribbean cruise this past Ja
  11. I had to same thing happen to me on my Crown Princess cruise this past January and eventually the cruise came up paid in full. I have another casino comp booked on the Sky for next February, and already booked and paid for our excursions and the $100 deposit/OBC was deducted from the cost which was nice that we did not have to wait until the cruise to use this OBC.
  12. So if I were to put my cruise card into a slot machine, then put in the pin, and then enter $50 for example to be down loaded into the machine out of my $1,000 of free play, and say after playing $10 of the $50 of downloaded free play I hit $200 on a bonus spin, can I cash that $200 out which would leave $40 of free play in the machine along with the $900 of free play still on my card that was not downloaded ? Is this right ??
  13. I recently received a balcony cabin comp offer from Princess which I used it to book a Sky Princess cruise for next February. Since I usually sail with NCL and get the cabin comps from them but never free play, that being said I have no clue how Princess or cruise free play in general works. Do the casino give you a voucher for the free play like land casinos do or is the free play loaded somehow on your cruise card ?
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