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  1. I just checked and I got my refund this morning. Multiple credits so I need to check to ensure I got it all. Requested refund: within one hour of the cancellation posting on a FB RCCL page Requested through: called Cruisesonly.com and they went to the RCCL portal and made my request Refunded back to: Visa CC
  2. I know some people are getting their refunds quickly in like 10 days. I haven’t gotten mine back yet either.
  3. Just curious if anyone had started to get their June refunds yet. I requested mine the within the 1st hour of the cancellation. Agent said they go in batches so I should be one of the first. Not sure how much she knows as I thought it was based on when your ship sails not when you make the request. Hoping for a quick refund 😃
  4. I’m kind of sad over this even though I knew it would get cancelled and I’ve already booked a land vacation instead. Who would have thought we would still be here over a year later? We won’t be cruising for several years as we only take one every 3-4 yrs. I was really looking forward to this but onward and upward
  5. I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve already booked a land vacation. I’ll be on hold tomorrow putting in my request for a refund
  6. Looks like the official cancellation will come through tomorrow
  7. I just paid my final payment for our June 21 cruise on Monday. I think the cancellations start April 8-9. I’ll take sooner since I already booked a FL vacation. I’m taking the refund and not worrying about cruising for a few years.
  8. Thanks. This is a multi family cruise but we are waiting for it to be cancelled as we will cancel the other 2 cabins we booked for extended family. we got a really good deal on our cabin. I repriced it twice since we originally booked it and the KSF saved us $500. also, we were originally booked on Ind of seas and moved to navigator, RCL changed room categories to fit our family of 5. I’m hoping we get to keep the upgraded room change as well 😃
  9. Our cruise is scheduled for June 21. We aren’t anticipating this happening and have already booked a land vacation. if we are able to L&S to Summer 2022, any ideas how my pricing would be effected? My 2 kids are currently under the kids free promotion but would be 13 in 2022. Do you think RCL would reprice my cruise due to this? Or hold the pricing for all travelers regardless of the qualifications?
  10. I'm curious how the cruises will handle those who do not get the vaccine if it is mandatory to have when you cruise. We booked our cruise for June 2021 back in August 2020. I'm not anti vaccine but we will be waiting before we get it to see how it works. We are at the end of the line since we are young, healthy, no front line / essential workers, and our kids are not high risk. I think when I took the poll of when we would be able to get it, we were behind 243 mil - about 1 year away from being getting it. If our cruise happens in June and the vaccine is mandatory, do you think RCL will refund us or those who refuse the vaccine since it wasn't a requirement when we booked?
  11. We used this offer a couple of weeks ago on our 4 day Bahamas cruise June 2021. It saved us about $600. We are sailing with 2 12 y/o’s and a 13. I was surprised at the savings
  12. Still no room update for us or the other 2 cabins linked to me. We had a spacious promenade interior room that slept 6. We are a party of 5 cruising. The navigator doesn’t have this cabin option at all. Everyone just keeps telling me I should have a room assignment tomorrow and that tomorrow is also the deadline to request a refund. I’m super nervous about why it’s taking so long to get a new room and not having even 24 hrs to make a decision to cancel or not.
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