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  1. I was looking at this same cruise. I went with the 10 day Escape out of Rome [$10,000] instead of the 7 day Epic out of Venice [$9,000]. We have been on the Escape before. Nice ship. 🙂
  2. We had the same thought when we looked at this same cruise. It was between this sailing and the 10 day Italy/Greece from Rome on the Escape. When I asked my TA, he said that he sailed on the Epic 2 years ago and would never do it again. He was ok with the cabin and its unusual layout. He felt that the ship seemed cramped with narrow hallways. We booked the 10 day on the Escape which was a better deal [7 days/ Epic - $9000.00 or 10 days/ Escape - $10000.00]. Happy sailing. 🙂
  3. If the cost of both cruises was within a few dollars of each other, Celebrity wins. With this price difference, I cannot see any substantial benefit to picking NCL. You will have a great time on the Equinox.
  4. Last year, one of the bartenders and I created a Special Frozen Toasted Almond: 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream 1 jigger of amaretto 1 jigger of courvoisier cognac vs 1/2 jigger of Bacardi 8 add to blender and blend for ~10 seconds [thick like a milkshake is best] pour into glass and add a splash of Bacardi 8 to the top Good drink on a hot day. Same ship [different bartender], we created a Milky Way martini: 1 jigger Grey Goose vodka 1 jigger Godiva liqueur 1/2 jigger Original Baileys drizzl
  5. Medical coverage is an important part of travel insurance but not the only part. Medical evacuation and non-medical evacuation are expensive and may not be covered in full [or at all] by your regular insurance. As mentioned before, your credit card may have some travel coverage [lost luggage, travel delays, etc.] which can help but it will have coverage limitations. IMHO, I would review the available policies on insuremytrip and squaremouth [more user friendly] and find one that fits your needs. If you have questions, call cust.serv and speak to an agent. I hope you have a gr
  6. I would go on insure my trip dot com and squaremouth dot com to review available policies. If you would feel better speaking with a rep, you can call either one and get your questions answered. When I travel out of the country and know that my personal health insurance will not cover anything [or very little] in terms of health problems or injuries outside the U.S., I buy a comprehensive policy. My definition of a comprehensive policy is Primary medical coverage - your travel ins. pays first, even if you have other coverage $100,000+ Emergency medical coverage - things
  7. We did a raffle on our last NCL cruise. Suggest a price range - $10 - $20, $15 - $25 - to the group. Whatever the majority are ok with, stick with that range. A white elephant is a lot of fun but does take time. If time will be an issue, a raffle goes pretty quick. Put all the wrapped gifts on a table, each person that brings a gift gets a number, the host pulls a gift and pulls a number from a hat, the person with the corresponding number wins the gift, and so on. Some gifts that we had were bottles of wine/ champagne, themed gifts from your hometown - a magnet, t-shirt &am
  8. This is the link for the premium [basic] list: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2019.pdf Baileys is on the list.
  9. I do the same thing as Bird Travels. I find the cruise and pick the cabin and the TA that gives me the best deal gets my business. There are 3 agencies that I have used for some years. The price/ perks difference between them for the same sailing can be significant. As suggested previously, ask other cruisers on your next cruise for TA recommendations and make a list.
  10. Milky Way Martini - vodka, baileys, & godiva liqueur Frozen Toasted Almond Special- ice cream -2 scoops vanilla, 2 scoops of chocolate, amaretto, Courvoisier vs, & barcardi 8 - a cool drink for hot days
  11. Go to the Celebrity website and check your cruise planner. They were running a 10% discount on our cruise a few weeks ago. I was able to upgrade for $75.60 total for one person.
  12. When you are looking at the available cabins, I would suggest also looking at the cruisedeckplans site. If there are pros or cons to a particular cabin, they will be notated. For some of the deck 7 balconies, you may have a problem with looking down on the lifeboats instead of the ocean [a slight obstruction]. The lifeboats are on deck 5. I would concur with NantahalaCruiser's cabin suggestions. Have a great cruise.
  13. Same guy. It would have been nice to see him again. He was a lot of fun on our last cruise.
  14. I just upgraded from classic to premium for $10.80/p/day for Nov 23 cruise. There is a 10% discount running right now. If you want to upgrade, this would be the time to do it.
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