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  1. 16 hours ago, cbfb said:

    I may have misunderstood. Is it your reservation you aren’t seeing or the cruise itself? Because it sounds like “under your name” you are seeing it. If it’s the cruise itself it may be a celebrity glitch. 


    I was trying to find out if my packages were showing on the website/app and when I could reserve a table for the Celebrity Select Dining and I have read that the info could be found in Already Booked/Cruise Planner/My Celebrity Cruise pre-cruise or my account. I am probably to early as the cruise isn't until January 2026



  2. Hi


    When I log into the website at the top right I have two options;


    Manage Trip

    • check in
    • Dining
    • Drinks Package
    • Flights
    • Manage Reservation. Shows reservation number and then room, guests, dining etc


    Under my name

    • Check in
    • Manage Reservation Shows reservation number and then room, guests, dining etc
    • Documents
    • Plan my Cruise Gives me drinks, excursion etc


  3. Good morning


    I am new to Celebrity and have a couple of questions regarding this cruise


    1. Do they normally have dates for this cruise in February or March?

    2. There are quite a few cabins unavailable are they sold or being withheld?


    Thank you

  4. Good morning


    On the web version of the app in the Personal Information and Documents,  under required information  there is suggested. I have tried to complete the travel information but it will not let me fill in the time of my flights. I cannot find this on the mobile app. Should I just ignore it?


    Thank you

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