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  1. Thank you for all your replies. Lots to consider
  2. Thank you for all the replies
  3. Good morning Is there anywhere to find out the actual times in port for the Queen Elizabeth on Alaska sailings? Thank you
  4. Good morning I am new to Celebrity and have a couple of questions regarding this cruise 1. Do they normally have dates for this cruise in February or March? 2. There are quite a few cabins unavailable are they sold or being withheld? Thank you
  5. Thank you for the replies. I might wait until we get to Alaska for the whale watching. Was looking for nature wildlife tours before our cruise to Alaska
  6. Good morning Are there any whale watching tours that actually leave from Seattle that do nor involve a float plane to get to the boat? Thank you
  7. Thank you for all the replies. Will have a think about it
  8. I think its to expensive for a smaller dining venue with the same food
  9. Good morning I am just wondering if it is worth the money to upgrade to a club balcony from a normal balcony on a Alaska cruise? Thank you
  10. Good morning Would anyone know when the cruises for Alaska 2026 might be available? Thank you
  11. Thanks Georgia Peaches.Always cocktail time on a cruise lol
  12. Good morning I will be booking the South America/Antarctica 2026 cruise soon. Wodering whether to book the drinks package now or nearer the sailing date just in cas prices change? Thank you
  13. Good morning Thank you for all your replies. When I go to Flights, the only option I get is Booking flights with Plane Sailing. Am in the wromg place or is it because I am in the UK?
  14. Good morning On the web version of the app in the Personal Information and Documents, under required information there is suggested. I have tried to complete the travel information but it will not let me fill in the time of my flights. I cannot find this on the mobile app. Should I just ignore it? Thank you
  15. If on a plus package can you order specialty coffees in the buffet? Thank you
  16. Thank you for all the replies
  17. Good morning I have not picked an itinerary or ship yet but I have noticed on the Queen Elizabeth that these cabins are on deck 8. Do you get a lot of noise? Thank you
  18. Good morning Is it worth getting a clam shell? Or is there enough shade? Thank you
  19. I was informed on another thread but there are websites that you can find the info on
  20. Good morning I live in the UK. On the 26th August I booked The Catch and the Crown Grill. I went on the app yesterday to cancel the 2 bookings and re-book on different days. I managed to re-book The Catch but when I went to book the Crown Grill, I got an error message although there are times available. I have tried turning my phone off, re-installing the app, using different cards, tried on another phone but I still get the error message. Any ideas please?
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