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  1. @Cruise Raider I feel the same as you. We were delighted to not have that chair in our way in our OV cabin last January. we were mostly out of the cabin anyway, but it was quite comfortable to sit on the bed with pillows behind us as you described when watching tv
  2. haha, that’s my technique exactly. Here I thought I was the only one 😀
  3. Any ideas when to expect the Alaska 2021 itineraries to be posted? thanks, Mary
  4. We went on RCCL Oasis when it first came out. We were shocked how uncrowded it felt. Seems newer designs of the very large ships take into account how to manage large numbers of people.
  5. I’m wondering specifically about an almost-3-year-old, one who would either be 2-3 weeks shy of his birthday OR could turn 3 during the cruise. Appreciate hearing from anyone with experience on this. Thanks, Mary
  6. Ah! That’s very clear now. Thank you for the explanation 😊
  7. We did Serenade to Alaska round trip Vancouver in 2007. So it’s been a few years but Serenade did do that itinerary once upon a time 😊
  8. I pack pods in a zip loc bag & put that inside a ziplock plastic tub. Bring your own dryer sheets. Bring a couple of plastic tic hangers to hang wet things in your room. Bring at least one pants hanger , same reason. Yes, set a timer so you’re back before your machine stops. I found that about half my darks and half my lights needed more dryer time. I combined those clothes for the last bit drying time
  9. We were on the Grand in January, pre dry dock. We each bought the middle tier unlimited plan before we left home. **Be sure to turn off any Background Update functionality on all your apps, else as soon as you connect, all your apps start trying to update themselves and your performance will be very slow. For basic email, social apps ( ie Facebook), the speed was ok. I was also able to make phone calls over the wifi easily. Did not try to stream a movie or video chat. I did did run into trouble trying to access a spreadsheet in Microsoft OneDrive. For the last couple of days I upgraded to the top package, and was easily able to get into, edit, and download spreadsheets. Best, Mary
  10. I highly recommend some type of insurance- medical and evacuation are critical. You may already have this coverage via your own health insurance. Note that while many US policies don’t cover procedures outside the US, they will often make an exception for emergency care. Your AAA roadside plan, if you have one, may also include evac, depending on which plan level you’ve purchased. Then, look at your credit cards. Some offer pretty nice trip interruption etc insurance, as long as you pay for the trip with that card.
  11. All tips so far have been good. Set your watch/phone to local time as soon as the plane takes off. Splurge and buy yourself a quart of water in the airport. As as far as sleeping on the plane: - wear compression stockings and take your shoes off. - put a tote bag under the seat in front of you to rest your feet on. It helps. - wear an eye mask & earplugs - I like a light blanket, too I find if I can get even 3 1/2 or 4 hours, it’s enough to carry me through an easy first day, even landing in the morning. Mary
  12. I was quite recently on the Grand to Mexican Riviera. Initially, I had the middle package, it could be slow at times, but was fine. It was quite easy to switch between my laptop and my mobile device using the same account. Midway through the cruise, they were offering upgrades to the highest package for about $5/day. I waited until the last 2 sea days, then upgraded as I wanted to see the different, and for $10 it was a cheap experiment. I did not try streaming movies; I had been unable to access a spreadsheet (or anything) from Onedrive in the cloud on the middle package, but was able to easily do so on the top package. Another note: be sure to check all your apps on your mobile device and set them to NOT automatically refresh, especially not background refresh -- it just will just overall really slow down your internet experience. Secondly, When you log out of one device, say your laptop, then leave the room, make sure you re-log in to the mobile device, or you won't really have internet on it, even though the internet logo shows. DH and I each had a package, and set our phones to use wifi calling, thus we were able to call and text each other using our normal text/calling functions on our phone --- we didn't use the Princess at Sea messaging much at all. One the middle package, I was able to call my daughter on a sea day and have a quick chat, which was nice (remember, using the internet for calling, not the ship's cell tower). hope this helps, Mary
  13. check the settings on your phone. If you can, enable Wi-Fi calling. I have an iPhone with AT&T. Under: Settings > Wi-Fi Calling just click the button to "on". Just off the Grand, I bought an unlimited internet package; put my phone in airplane mode, turned on wifi. I was able to take a call from my daughter while at sea, just as if I'd been at home. Worked great & no extra charge. Mary
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