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  1. Correct. But, there are cruises available that require 100% vaccination. That was the issue under discussion. You're right, though, that not granted any exemptions for those under 12 would impact the lines whose target market is families.
  2. we saw him several years ago -- it was a fun, good time. enjoy! Mary
  3. Well….. the reason you’re not liable for those charges are laws passed by our federal government holding the credit card companies liable for unauthorized charges. After that law the credit card companies quickly implemented processes to detect unauthorized charges. reasoning was that individuals can’t practically set up such software ourselves.
  4. You have “3 compromised immune issues” and you “will not wear a mask on a cruise unless told to”. fascinating!
  5. the website login has been working for me for a couple of days now, yay! I did early on change my password, and for me, the new password now works and I see all my info as expected. Coming from the software industry, I do want to say that Single Sign On (SSO) is usually trickier than it would seem to implement. Add in that this work was apparently outsourced, likely to folks without deep experience, and I'm not surprised it took some time to track down & debug the new code. Mary
  6. sounds like you've found the best solution for your situation then. Enjoy!
  7. I understand this situation is annoying. But, when I do a mock booking, it seems to work just fine. So, perhaps make the booking (or just put it on hold), then call your PVP to add your account number?
  8. annoying for sure. glad to know it's not just me...
  9. Reader0108598, we're all rooting for you to get your vaccine. Please let us know if you have success getting an appointment -- seems Doug found many available at your local CVS 🙂
  10. I think they’re trying to balance between those with higher risk of hospitalization and death, AND front line workers most at risk of spreading it. and you’re right, it’s by group. The more vaccinated the better it is for all of us. I believe there are jobs available in the produce fields for those wishing to “jump the line”.
  11. so far, it seems it's county by county. For us in Santa Clara County, starting Feb 28th, it's "educators, food service workers, and emergency personnel". I couldn't find a clear date for Sonoma County. Seems to depend on supply, which is county by county. But, getting teachers vaccinated seems to be key for getting schools fully opened (and I don't blame the teachers for wanting to get vaxxed!!), which everyone says they want schools open, so hopefully it will be soon in Sonoma County, too. 🙂
  12. The vaccine shortages make these decisions difficult. I don’t really envy the people who have to make them. There still isn’t enough vaccines for all higher risk groups, let alone everyone who wants one. Soon, I hope.
  13. Here in Silicon Valley 65+ has been able to register for the vax for a couple of weeks. Many people I know in this age group, including me, have had first dose with second scheduled. Some have even gotten both doses already. Starting Feb 28th, appointments are open for educators. So, we are moving along! The more of us that get vaxxed, the fewer "hosts" for the virus to enter & mutate.
  14. Tony, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. We, too, lost a friend to COVID. Had she been able to avoid this for only a couple more months, she'd have been vaccinated and still with us today. Really sad to think of. Best, Mary
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