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  1. Now, if course you’re right - I didn’t do the exact same excursions to compare. 😀 But we have taken plenty of excursions, both Princess and independent. We also will go off on our own. There are many times the Princess excursion is the best option, especially when going a long distance. For the Iceland excursions, for us, being in a group of 16-20 works really well. That means an independent excursion is better for us. What I liked about Iceland Everywhere was the options given at many stops. For example, Siggi (the owner) would drop off at the top (say of a waterfall), tell us he’d be there for a half hour, then drive to the bottom and be there for another half hour. Those who wanted to walk, could. Others could see the view from the top, get driven down, then get out for another view. He did a great job of making everyone happy. Hope this helps Mary
  2. I don't hear mention of that anymore; suspect it didn't work out as they'd hoped. People like sales.
  3. I second Iceland Everywhere - we did our excursions with them in Akureyri, Grundarfjordur, and Reykjavik. In Isafjordur we did an excursion with Arctic ShoreEx. I highly recommend both operators. Much less expensive than those offered by the cruise ship & far better excursions, too. Mary
  4. Same. Annoying but we went ahead and put down the deposit.
  5. We did a 12 day British Isles on the Regal last May! Wonderful cruise and ship. Enjoy 😊
  6. The basic transfer from ship to airport is under the "Flights" tab in your cruise personalizer. Just scroll down past the EZair section, and you should see "Transfers". We have booked transfers in the past without using EZair. Mary
  7. I’m guessing they weren’t able to get enough entry tickets to the Last Supper.
  8. thanks. DH only uses it at night; so should be able to just plug it in while at the lodges.
  9. Would really appreciate your feedback after your trip. enjoy! Mary
  10. I am hoping this is the case. I had no luck searching, but maybe didn't look hard enough on the Princess website. Otherwise, we're trying to figure out how to make this work. Thanks! Mary
  11. We're looking at a Princess land first then cruise Alaska tour. In reading the luggage details, each person is allowed ONE handheld item onto the tour bus with them. Is the CPAP machine that one item? What have other CPAP users done? Thanks, Mary
  12. that sounds like a pretty big difference! we're debating whether to go soonish, or wait until the road is cleared. Mary
  13. I see now they are doing a "turnaround" at Mile 43, due to the Pretty Rocks Landslide at Mile 45. How far did the Tundra Wilderness Tour go before the landslide? Thanks, Mary
  14. PCL = Princess Cruise Line MD = Maitre D' DRO = Dining Room Officer DMW = Dine My Way TD = Traditional Dining (2 fixed times nightly) DR = Dining Room
  15. But, you’re exactly getting your wish! Australians indeed have the “better base wages” included in the actual price of the cruise and there is no gratuity charged onboard. 😊
  16. I sometimes run into various issues with the Princess website. Often, trying another browser solves it. Mary
  17. We did our cruise in January, made it to the Falklands, and did the Bluff Cove excursion. it seems they are only working with cruise ships; there wasn’t a way to book independently. Bluff Cove was wonderful!! The ride out was smooth, as they used the pandemic shutdown time to fully pave the road. We saw plenty of Gentoos and Kings. Highly recommend, especially if you can’t do rough 4x4 rides, or prefer not to spend 7 hours. Mary
  18. The spreadsheet approach is really useful. We do something similar. The key point the OP is making is that the intangible benefit — be it convenience, a break from thinking about spending, or a feeling of luxury — isn’t worth zero. “Doing the math” lets you see the price of the intangible. Especially on shorter cruises, the intangible benefits may be worth it even if the math says otherwise 😊
  19. Sure. But, on average, it still works to the cruise line's benefit, or the casino offers would change.
  20. If you took a screenshot shouldn’t it be in your photos?
  21. Um, if you’ve read this thread, you’d know his wife has deathly allergies, so this is in fact “an issue that affects him”. Being diligent in determining what’s in the food is similar to defensive driving. I have a lot to lose, so will always make sure it’s safe to enter an intersection, or use a crosswalk, even if I have the right of way.
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