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  1. I wonder if the one we can buy at Sams Club would be accepted? Seems like a lot of extra money for people to spend going to the Urgent Care place's! 100.00 to 150.00 per person is a lots of money to spend.I personally think the cruiselines should pay for people to get tested! JMO
  2. What if we go 3 days before our cruise and the results aren't back on the day of departure? What then? It could happen!
  3. I must have missed something on the mixing of vaccine's? WHY are the mixing different vaccine's in the first place? I wouldn't get the vaccine if I had to get 2 different brands of the vaccine! Seem's like a disaster waiting to happen! JMO
  4. VAPING IS THE SAME AS SMOKING IN THE CABIN! Both are banned from the ship and both will leave a smell in the cabin. Kinda stupid to cancel an expensive cruise because you can,t get you way with vaping! Leave her home and go yourself! End of story!!!!!
  5. As a matter of fact, I DO! I use clean towels everyday, SOOOOOO You do You and I"LL do me!!!!
  6. I'm not doing this! I want clean everything EVERY DAY! Isn't that what the housekeeping crew gets paid for? I always leave extra tips for them at the end of our cruise!!! So NO I'm not interested in this at all!!!
  7. First off ,We LOVE Celebrity! We choose to go on Holland America 18 day Yukon + Triple Denali in July 2022 because it was more attractive to us than the 18 day on Celebrity.We liked the fact that we fly between the Yukon towns and on to Fairbanks! Only bus ride is from Fairbanks to Denali! Then the train onto Whitter to catch the ship. We are doing the land portion first then the cruise. Your choice but go take a look!🙂 https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise.html#{!tag=destinationTag}destinationIds=A&{!tag=departTag}departDate=2022-07-01T00:00:00Z&{!tag=durationTag}duration=17-*&{!tag=embarkTag}embarkPortCode=YVR&{!tag=portsTag}portsOfCall=&{!tag=shipsTag}shipId=&{!tag=regionTag}regions=&{!tag=cruisetypeTag}cruiseType=&soldOut=false&sort=&group.sort=&start=0
  8. Oh My, What a mess you all got into! No Thank's I'll pass on cruising from a foreign port like St Martin.It was bad enough trying to get out of San Jaun airport after a cruise from there. I'll stick to US based ports!!!! JMO
  9. I am looking at a cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam and deck 7 cabin 7118,there is an empty space by the side of inside cabins.Anyone know what that empty space is? Anyone stay in 7118 can tell me if it is quite or not? Thank's in advance!
  10. Got both of my 2 shots.I'm ready to go!!!! 🙂
  11. Ok, I Misspoke about the CDC saying this.Sorry!What I should have said was the Better Business Bureau! Anyway here it is! https://www.channel3000.com/heres-why-you-shouldnt-post-pictures-of-your-covid-19-vaccination-card-to-social-media/
  12. Ok, Let's just wait and see,When the news say's hackers are copying The CDC card and making fake vaccine cards so they can go places and the Covid-19 rage's even more!!! I'm just posting what the CDC said!!! You have your opinion and I have mine on this subject!!
  13. OMG, The CDC warned that NO ONE should post these Vaccine cards on the internet! Hackers can get' people's info on the card and make fake cards.Why on earth would you post that card on here??? SMDH
  14. I'm getting my second vaccine shot on Monday. Easy Peasy here in West Virginia !
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