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  1. We have just booked an apartment in the Campo de’ Fiori area through Trip Advisor/Flipkey for $497 for three nights. One bedroom, one bath with a balcony (and an elevator).
  2. November 2014 Broadway and Beaches TA — Southampton to Miami on the Eclipse. We were supposed to sail the North Atlantic to NYC. When we boarded we were informed that there were two dangerous storms in the North Atlantic — 30 + foot waves, so the Captain changed the itinerary, sailing to Funchal, Madeira. We had never been. This is from the top of Monte (via cable car) at the end of the day. We still hit 14+ foot waves and missed Bermuda, but it was one of our favorite cruises,
  3. Reflection February 16, 2016 — sunset after sail away from Cozumel.
  4. We got our second dose of Moderna on Tuesday night. I had a mild headache yesterday, and both my husband and I have sore arms today, but that’s all. It took both of us online for 9 1/2 hours to schedule the first dose. Online appointments opened at 8:00 am, which is when we started trying — finally got our appointments at 5:30 pm. The first took an hour and 15 minutes from the time we got in line at the convention center (drive-through injections) until we left after waiting 20 minutes in a parking lot. We did get our appointment for the second dose when we got the first. The second dose
  5. We got our first doses of Moderna on Tuesday (1/12) at the Orange County (FL) Convention Center. The vaccination process was very organized, and we never had to get out of the car. WE even got our appointment for our second dose before we left. Getting the appointment was really frustrating, though. The County opened up the second round of appointments for 65+ at 8:00 am on the previous Thursday. Both my husband and I started trying to register online at 8:00 am. The few times it let us in, it kicked us out before we could complete the process. After about 45 minutes, there
  6. In 2005 we rented villas near Lucca (old walled town) for 2 weeks. We couldn’t get a single villa for both weeks, so we spent the first week very near Lucca and the second in the Tuscan mountains near Lucca. There were 12 of us the first week and 10 the second. Each couple had their own small rental car, and we explored everywhere from Venice (by train from Florence), Florence, Pisa, and Cinque Terre. We bought wonderful food and cooked it in the villas, and went to numerous small restaurants with spectacular food. It was one of my favorite vacations and I’d do it again, but not with so ma
  7. We spent a week on the Big Island several years ago. I would go back in a heartbeat, but we’d also like to see Maui and Kauai, with a few days in Oahu. My father-in-law was wounded at Hickam field during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  8. We have a TA booked on Constellation next October. I hope it doesn’t get canceled.
  9. I am so grateful to those of you with expertise and experience in infectious disease and immunology who share your knowledge and analysis with us. (TeeRick and Cangelmd immediately come to mind, but I know there are others). I do agree with Miaminice that some will use the existence of a vaccine to throw caution (if they ever had any) to the wind. I understand the fatigue in dealing with this. I really wanted to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, but my husband and I were not able to completely isolate for 14 days. We have a plan to strictly self-quarantine for 14 days prior to
  10. Wow, those are excellent fares! I've been looking at Delta R/T to Amsterdam next summer, and Delta One is $4068 or $3864, more than double the cost of Premium Economy at $1722. We could afford that, but I can't justify spending that much more.
  11. We would have been almost halfway through our TA from Barcelona to Tampa.
  12. Good idea. My Shingrix injections hurt, but I didn’t get the sore arm that I get from the flu vaccine. A minor inconvenience when compared to the health benefit for me (and the flu vaccine also helps protect others).
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