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  1. I agree to the last part - however my conclusion is exactly the opposite. Processing FCCs and collecting money for cruises they cancel only in the last minute although they know and knew exactly they won’t sail is what they have been doing for months to stay afloat. Why would they change that? Again I have to divert the view to the European lines (almost all are connected or owned by US lines). They did and still do exactly the same. Even when they started to announce certain covid adapted cruises on specific ships, they had not canceled existing bookings on the same ship for sailings in completely different regions. They still collected money just to cancel the existing cruises almost on the same day... A process I am sure they were given by their mother companies. So my conclusion is again: why would they change that?
  2. Not much different... we have done one cruise on TUI (a cousin of Celebrity) beginnning of October and found the pricing to be just the same as always. Actually pretty good regarding the circumstances. Excursions, despite the fact that booking with them was the only way, were a bargain compaired to even the regular Celebrity prices. The ship sailed with 922 passengers instead of the 2,500 possible. The second we have booked is with MSC for Christmas from Genua (don´t know if that´s going to happen). Again, pricing did not deter us from booking. Balcony staterooms start from €849 for a 7 night holiday cruise. I get the feeling that cruise lines want people to gain confidence in cruising again rather than ripping them off.
  3. I was on the cruise... the answer is "simple". The laboratory in Heraklion really messed up :-) Members of the excursion teams mentioned they used the wrong test kits - but that could be a rumor. What´s for sure is that it was definitely the last time they worked for TUI.
  4. Actally there´s no need to speculate - taking a look at any cruise line already sailing gives a good (and logical) hint. The cruises sailing in the beginning (at that will be quite a long time) will not be the cruises booked. They will be adapted to the Covid guidelines - changed in lenghts, itineraries, T&Cs regarding Covid policies etc etc. All cruise lines already sailing simply canceled the existing bookings and opened the new sailings for booking. They merely pressed the reset button so to speak. There was no discussion of who gets to sail. No discussion if one booked a suite, is a top tier member or whatever - whoever books first gets to sail. Pretty simple solution.
  5. Most of the travel insurances don’t cover corona unless you have an extra insurance.
  6. All this really proves is that their detection procedures work... as I mentioned in the report of our covid-cruise, the systems are not 100 % safe or fool proof - how should they? So I am glad to hear that cases are detected.
  7. Since that is a 2 1/2 hour drive I would rather wait or simply book hotels in both places (refundable).
  8. Same here! We never considered TUI - on the contrary, we avoided it for the (personal) reasons mentioned. It turned out to be a great cruise! The compromises we made and the reasons for us now try another cruise lines have nothing to do with the qualities of TUI. TUI were very good! Their corona concept - a major factor here - was (and is) excellent. We wonder it that´s going to be the same on MSC. The TUI Canary Island cruises were introduced after we booked our alternative. Rumors are they will also offer Dubai cruises. Besides the fact that we were not drawn to either areas, both areas are still risk areas. Their plans are based on the fact that this will change... risky game at the moment.
  9. I beg to differ... 🙂 We are already discussing TUI on a Celebrity board. IMHO excusable since TUI is a cruise line related to Celebrity and there is no separate TUI board. MSC, on the other hand, is a completely independant company and there is a lively and very active MSC board for all discussions regarding MSC and even a fixed topic regarding status match. IMHO any further relevant information and deeper discussion belongs there. So no overlap required. I know - mea culpa!!! I should have known that mentioning a status level match, which inevitably includes the word "status level", was going to be a trigger - magically attracting status aficionados... I really should have known 😳 🤣 Regarding this very (TUI/Celebrity) topic I have to say THANK YOU to the hosts and admins. They kept this topic clean and reduced it to the civilized exchange it is! I think it´s more than fair to them to do our part and stay on track to make their job easier. That´s the reason why I regret the turn this is taking...
  10. OK, I know I should not have mentioned MSC... 😂 I am happy if some of you had good experiences with them - but let’s PLEASE take the MSC topic to the MSC board - this is not the place.
  11. Sorry, you are mixing up cruise lines... 😁 The reciprocal benefits were MSC and other lines, hotels etc. TUI don’t have a loyalty program.
  12. Thank you @shipgeeks! I hear ya... I also read the most ridiculous speculations on how things will be. Everyone just became an expert again... I kind of get the feeling for most there’s only black and white. Some think from December on their booked cruise is going to happen as if nothing happened and some think the cruises which will eventually sail again some day will be just as you described - nightmares at sea 🙂 And yet it’s so easy to see how European cruise lines started and how they have proven that their concepts (which are not much different to the guidelines introduced by CLIA and the CDC) work. Why would Celebrity, Royal, NCL etc. do it any differently? However, facts are old school and boring 😉 Anyway, Germancruiser and I - I believe I can speak for us both - are happy that our posts reached a lot of people and delivered some facts without rumors. And personally I am very happy that I was obviously able to show people that a “new normal” cruise can be fun - without ever having had the intention to be a missonary 😁 I hope that all of you get to enjoy a cruise in person very soon!
  13. The same as TUI are doing in their dining rooms - and since TUI is a cousin of Celebrity you can be sure they are watching closely... I reported from our TUI cruise here: Basically they reduced the capacity of the ships to 60 % (I believe with MSC it´s 70%). Up until now I haven´t heard of a cruise reaching the 60% capacity. On our cruise we had 922 passengers instead of the possible 2,500. Many tables are removed from the MDRs and only every second or so of the remaining tables is used. Time was flexible dining. If too many people wanted to dine at once, we had to wait despite the dining room being apparently empty. That only happened once on the cruise. To the best of my knowledge MSC do the same. I can tell you exactly after Christmas - that´s when we´ll be cruising with them. Just booked on Sunday. RE the question who get´s to sail: So far every cruise line already sailing cancelled ALL existing bookings and put the new adapted cruises up for sale. Whoever booked first got to sail. A new start after a reset so to speak... Stateroom type didn´t matter, loyalty level didn´t matter etc. I have no doubt Celebrity will do the same.
  14. OK, not just to steer this back to the actual topic I just thought of something I always wanted to post. I think I mentioned that washing hands was a serious business at the restaurants. Staff would only let you enter after seeing you wash your hands at the basins and seeing you use the sanitizer. They also came up with something in the washrooms. I don´t know if it´s new but I haven´t seen it on Celebrity or any other cruise line we sailed with before. Next to the washroom door there was an an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. The washroom door would only open automatically when using the dispenser... not a bad idea!
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