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  1. Post on your RollCall... you will find people to join you there. This is an information board only.
  2. Guess what? We also have them at home and don’t use them there either 😉 Installed them as a design feature only. Aqua Class is great. For us the main and almost only reason to book Aqua is Blu. We love the intimate and less rushed atmosphere and the personal service. So the removal of a few jets in the shower won’t ruin our love for Aqua.
  3. The Kowloon Hotel - excellent location and resonable rates
  4. The shareholder program has been restructured as of 6/1/19. Therefore all new bookings with the revised program have less restrictions. We received the benefit despite a special. However, only for a cruise booked (not just sailing) after June 1st.
  5. If you read my response carefully, plus maybe the additional direct response to the OP, you‘d have noticed that it wasn’t directed towards the OP or their tattoos. On the contrary, I think it is very thoughtful of them to even ask the question. My response was exclusively directed towards YOUR „they welcome their $$$“ statement/attitude. If that is the feeling you took home from your „extensive“ Japan travels, I am sorry for you. We have seen and come to love a different Japan.
  6. It is easy and can be done. However, we still preferred the comfortable way of a private tour incl. transfer. Getting the knowledge of a good guide was an essential part of the experience. Plus we did one day Kobe and one day Osaka. You can read about our Japan trips here: Celebrity Millennium https://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Celebrity-Millennium-Japan/celebrity-millennium-japan.html HAL Westerdam
  7. In Japan, tattoos are traditionally associated with the thugs of the Yakuza, i. e. organized crime. Nationwide campaigns against organized crime have resulted in public baths formally denying entry to people with tattoos. And since rules are strictly observed in Japan, this also applies to a single gecko on the ankle of a tourist. People with tattoos, no matter how small, are denied entry. However, if you don´t show off or flash your tattoos on purpose elsewhere, you will be fine. Be respectful towards people and they will recognize you as such. The feeling of respect and friendliness in Japan is almost overwhelming... if it goes both ways it will get you far. In some temples you will be asked to remove your shoes. Socks are fine. Slippers are considered shoes and may not be worn. BTW: you can read about our different Japan cruises here: Celebrity Millennium https://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Celebrity-Millennium-Japan/celebrity-millennium-japan.html HAL Westerdam
  8. Really!? Believe it or not... some people still value culture and tradition over $$$. We have been to Japan twice and fell in love with the country and its people. We booked another cruise for 2021. One of the reasons is the overall feeling of respect and friendliness. Not everything is about money - as in many other destinations. We have met tourists with your kind of attitude and frankly, it gives us a feeling between ill and sad. Just because you pay for your trip, doesn´t give you the right do do as you please. A behaviour, I am sure, you would loudly condemn in your own country.
  9. How do you know???!!! Other cruise lines already do it. Despite packages the gratuities are charged by the DRINK, not the package. And it´s the only thing that makes sense! Look at the existing process unseen by the passenger: Even with the package the server swipes your card or writes down the number. They do so because they do get the gratuities for the drink they just served (from the cruise line). On a consumption base (by drink) not a package base. Just like without a package. To the server it does not make a difference. And that´s the goal! Otherwise bartenders and servers would not be too interested in serving people with a package, would they? So IF this change were to be implemented, the difference is just that it goes back to the passenger paying the gratuity directly. Which in a way he/she does anyway, but let´s not go to deep.
  10. Read about our cruises to Japan here... Celebrity Millennium: http://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Celebrity-Millennium-Japan/celebrity-millennium-japan.html HAL Westerdam:
  11. The shareholder program has been restructured as of 6/1/19. Therefore all new bookings after 6/1/19 with the revised program have restrictions. I was able to have the benefit applied even though it was a special. Note: the terms say BOOKED after 6/1/19 not sailing after...
  12. We might be on the same cruise...
  13. Well, that depends on what you call expensive... we just compared several companies again and they were somewhere in the middle. And we are only talking about a few $ here. Personally I am willing to spend 10 $ more, knowing that we had really good experiences with TbL. Including when we needed to cancel tours etc.
  14. Sorry, how many more answers do you need? Follow the link posted above and read paragraph 3!!! Visa requiring nationals visiting Gibraltar on board a cruise liner who wish to go ashore may do so without requiring a visa, providing they return to the cruise liner to continue their voyage. Visa requiring nationals who wish to disembark and terminate their cruise in Gibraltar would require a visa, and must have the correct documentation for their onward travel.
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