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  1. Well, I kept quiet because most anwers come from the US. I have compared the Celebrity/Choice Air price with rates I manage to get here in Germany many times. So far, the Celebrity price was much higher - so much, that the advantages were not worth the difference. On our last cruise (NZ) it was almost double. However, let me tell you about recent experiences with two cruises first changed and than cancelled by Celebrity. The passengers who booked the flights with Celebrity had no problems at all. When the departure port was changed, Celebrity changed the flight. When the cruises were cancelled, Celebrity refunded the flights. Many people on the roll calls who booked flights independently were not so lucky and ended up with being at the mercy of the airline. In our case it was different. Although we booked flights on our own, we were covered by German consumer protection laws when Celebrity cancelled.
  2. I will join the group who say 6 in Blu is usually the max. It also confirmes our experience. We were a family of six and had no problem to get one of the two or three round tables for six. To be fair, any group larger than that would contradict the philosophy of Blu as a quieter restaurant. And I truly admit that a large group with the inevitable noises of joy and laughter would probably "bother" me, too.
  3. as always you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. One thing we seem to agree upon is that there are real and substantial problems and worries out there! Yet some take it as it is, realising we are ALL in this together and try to hang in there while others just can’t stop pointing fingers and seem to have an ever growing feeling of entitlement which has drowned out all reason. So forgive me for politely rolling my eyes about reading yet another rant or vent from someone demanding answers and to be taken by the hand simply because the existing answers, information and inevitable consequences don’t suit them. Iam not offended if you don’t agree. Please also forgive me that my understanding of human kindness seems to be different from yours. Expressing kindness to help where help is required is something that is not difficult for me. On the contrary, it comes automatically. Everyone should do what they can so we can all get through this together. I will bother you with some examples. Despite the crashing economy we keep all our employees and keep them fully paid. From the start we supplied them and their families with masks, sanitizers and (as grotesque as it sounds) even toilet paper. Since business is slow we gave them a “purpose” by switching a part of our production to manufacturing sneezeguards which we gave away to pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, supermarkets etc. without a profit. Before you get the impression we can easily afford all this: no we can’t. We also support the local health departments and believe me, in my volunteer work I have seen a lot of suffering first hand. As mentioned I don’t find this difficult and I don’t expect any gratitude for actions which should be normal. However, seeing the real pain out there I find it immensely difficult to find compassion or, as you call it, human kindness for people who are primarily absorbed with “luxury problems” like the specific subject here. So again, please forgive me. But hey, if you can’t forgive me for it, there’s always the alternative you suggested - scroll past it. Have a great Sunday!
  4. The worst thing about the current situation is all the moaning.
  5. Regarding this topich I recomend watching this interview - especially the first part. Read or better listen between the lines....
  6. No surprise here! My source was a more scientific one but the messages is about the same 👍
  7. @TeeRick Yep, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. However, Celebrity doesn’t surprise me. After all, they have to follow CDC guidelines and win back customer confidence. And customers seem to be the ones blaming it all on the buffet. Just as you said, Covid-19 is primarily transmitted by droplets and aerosols and the risk of contact contamination is around or less than 10%. Yet, I don’t read too many demands about suspending the shows, bars and social hours. Despite the fact that they provide ideal conditions for the virus to spread.
  8. Only if you held on to the shares when they dropped 😉 I (automatically) sold them when they dropped and I was happy to pick them up again at a low price.
  9. As correctly mentioned above, there is a form/link. However, I´ve always had problems and delays when I tried to use it. So I went back to the old fashioned way... send an email to ShareholderBenefit@rccl.com incl. a PDF or screenshot of my shareholder account. Usually I receive a notification within a day or two. Of course the time it takes might be much different now.
  10. Correct! Some interesting facts... Noro on cruise ships starting from the US between 2008 and 2014 = 0.002% Same time on land in the US: 6 %
  11. If they do anything they’ll probably change it to the way other lines, eg HAL, have been doing it for years.
  12. Plus it depends on the reactions to the virus as can be seen in the US and it’s different states.
  13. @oceangoer2 we love Aqua and we are real fans of Blu on M and S class. I have nothing bad to say about the location of Blu on Edge. However, I have to say that we would never book AQ on Edge. The reason is simple. The smaller and quieter venue is Isually the reason for us to book Aqua. On Edge, however, we absolutely loved the 4 dining room concept and the diversity which comes with it. We always had great tables in quiet areas and food and service was excellent. We never missed Blu for a minute and therefore would not pay the hefty extra for Aqua on Edge.
  14. OK, I know nobody seems to like facts... still, here are some: Smear (contact) infections with Covid-19 are proven to be lower than or around 10 %. And those 10 % occurred in high risk areas like retirement homes etc. 90 % are aerosol / inhalation based. The longer the exposure, the higher the risk of infection. Question: Are there any post about closing the MDR, shows, bars, social hours? Gastrointestinal viruses like Noro are spread primarily by smear infection. And yet the occurrence of Noro is less than 0.002 % vs around 6 % on land in the US. Evaluate the risk! Facts and knowledge seem to be highly overrated 🙄
  15. This is a very differeciated and balanced article about the crew situation. Unfortunately, it´s in German. However, if you use the translation function of your browser (Chrome: right click - translate) it should deliver a good result: https://gitalian.world/kreuzfahrt-crew-corona/?fbclid=IwAR1BiPUlTt28CbLdOmPQD5zKbHzfeGKgNHrKYoQXkSfX1X1aq4tmNncMxFc
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