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  1. Classic beers have included Amstel Light, Boddington’s, Strongbow, CiderCoors Light, Corona , Corona Light , Franziskaner, Kirin, Kirin Light, Miller Lite, Moretti, Newcastle Brown Ale, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Stripe, and Sam Adams . Plus, there are local beers depending on the itinerary. i.e. Alaskan Beer in Alaska.
  2. I was on the ship just before it went in for the "revolutionizing". The ship was looking tired. The artwork in the common areas did not compare to that on other S-class ships. Patio furniture needed a good paint job. The good part of the update was that the planned reduction of the Sky Lounge did not occur. We were in Aqua class and our room had new carpeting, curtains and sofa. As mentioned the balcony furniture was not as comfortable and the table "shrunk". The ship looked good and we would cruise on Equinox again.
  3. Florida is on the Travel Advisory List in Connecticut. 14 day self-quarantine unless you have had a Covid test with negative results within 72 hours of entering the state.
  4. If you are sailing into Puerto Rico, you will dock at Old San Juan. Besides the forts, there are a number of historical buildings. If you forgot something, there is a CVS and Walgreens right at the dock. As mentioned, the beaches in St. Thomas are really special. We really enjoyed Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas and Trunk Bay in St. John. Both were taken via Celebrity excursions.
  5. You will arrive mid to late afternoon in San Juan. We take a walk to one of the nearby forts and then explore the area by the cruise ship on the walk back to the ship. St. Thomas has great beaches and is close to St. Johns. St. Maarten has a beach in town which is really nice and the shopping area is right behind the beach. We have even walked to the beach and downtown. Be aware that it can be hot and humid in that area during the summer. Puerto Plata is a tender port and we have not visited due to high seas and we went to another location on the island. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. The specialty restaurants are Murano, Tuscan Grill, Sushi on 5 and Le Petit Chef.
  7. You are correct. 1605 has the bed by the balcony and the balcony is big. Noise was not a factor. Go with it.
  8. I would go for 1605. You would have a big balcony and I am pretty sure the bed is by the veranda. Don't be worried about noise as we had. You don't hear the music from the Foyer. That would be my choice. Sitting on the balcony can be windy --which could be refreshing in the Caribbean.
  9. Another vote for Tenors of Rock. I recall when the Solstice first sailed, Celebrity really utilized all the bell and whistles of the theater in a Cirque de Soleil performance. I believe the other S-class ships did not get all of the special theater equipment like the Solstice due to cost.
  10. I spoke with a manager of a store about people not wearing masks. He said people tell him they have a medical condition which prevents them from wearing one. He was told from the corporate office not to press the issue. Not to ask any questions. Reminds me of the "service animals" that come on board ---but don't get me started....
  11. I do miss the "service dogs" that are dressed up for dinner in their strollers I also miss the cruisers who are on their first Celebrity cruise giving 'expert' advice to all Seriously, I do miss getting dressed up for dinner in Blu and Murano.
  12. I also really don't think there is any pent up demand among the general public. In addition to the above, I know of people who have purchased boats and had swimming pools installed on their property. Huge demand for boats and pools around here.
  13. I suspected it was a new ship as the Mercury had a capacity of about 1900 passengers and not 2900. Those class ships were awesome in terms of the food, service and decor. I loved all the wood in the common areas. Thanks for bringing back the pleasant memories.
  14. You will be able to purchase a return airport transfer once you are on board using your OBC. There will be buses available which will take you to the airport. You pick up your luggage and walk a short distance to the buses.
  15. You may purchase them if you are arriving on a flight arranged by Celebrity. However, if you are arriving on your own, you cannot use your OBC. We were able to purchase, using OBC, a return to the FLL airport from our cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale..
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