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  1. If you are going for outstanding food and service, then go to Murano. If you are going for a great view and good food, then Tuscan Grill would be the place. My favorite entrees in Murano are the chateaubriand and the lobster tail prepared table side.
  2. The Inside Access Tour gets you a behind the scenes tour of the ship. You will visit behind the theater including dressing rooms, visit the bridge, engineering, room, crew dining room, laundry, food and beverage storage areas, etc. The one we had been on included lunch with two officers in the Tuscan Grill but that varies by ship. We enjoyed it.
  3. On our 7 day cruise in Elite, we each had one bag of 30 items. There was a special of $49.95 a bag mid cruise.
  4. Our room on Equinox had new carpeting, new curtains, bedding, sofa, tv, etc but we had to use the outlets by the desk for charging purposes.
  5. We had a 1:00 pm time and we had no waiting and were directed right to the ship after taking care of business. I did see a line for the suite guests but this may have been related to individuals with physical challenges. So if you follow your assigned time, you probably won't have a negative experience.
  6. Those flights are not listed on the JetBlue website nor on Expedia. Very strange as how are they selling seats???
  7. Are you sure the flight is not to/from Boston? No flights to/from PVD.
  8. There was no such outlet on the base of the lamp next to th bed nor an USB port in our Equinox cabin.
  9. Yes, there are hair dryers in staterooms. When you arrive, you can tell your stateroom attendant how you would like the beds arranged. Also, it is easy to place your luggage under the bed. We did not know that and when we came back from dinner, we could not find the luggage. We looked all around. Discovered under the bed....
  10. Typically, events such as the Olympics will be available on the tv in your stateroom. You may receive an International feed. It should be on in the casino bar.
  11. Your door to your room may be propped open. I suggest taking valuables with you or putting them in the safe as a precaution. But that is me. The sailaway parties are not like those on Royal Caribbean or the Fun Ships. You may want to join the Roll Call and meet up with fellow cruises at one of the bars. Have fun!
  12. You should never book a cruise for a particular captain. Things can change. I would suggest booking a cruise for the itinerary, the ship itself, etc. Have a fun cruise...
  13. What about common sense, reading and then following the information sent by Celebrity? We had a 1:30 pm arrival and guess what? We stayed at our hotel, had a late breakfast, hung out by the pool and took the shuttle that would arrive close to that time. Then when we arrived, an easy boarding.
  14. Just make sure all the necessary check-in documents have been completed. That speeds up the process. When entering the terminal, the suite guests go to the left. Others proceed ahead and will be greeted by an agent. Everything is done via iPad. Pictures will be taken, medical questions, etc. Then you proceed onto the ship. Everyone take your time getting on the ship as there is plenty of food for all. We had facial recognition when leaving the ship and it was super easy leaving the terminal.
  15. We have been disappointed with the latest revised menu. If I had suggest a 'go to' dish, it would be the filet mignon. The lobster bisque is also very good.
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