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  1. Just ignore her. There is always one. The vast majority of posters are really helpful. As for your cruise, we have enjoyed the stop in Nassau. We enjoy going to the aquarium at Atlantis. It was a really nice day in Atlantis (2x). As for Puerto Plata, it has been a tender stop. We have 'missed' this stop twice due to high seas and have gone to Samana and Tortola instead. As you are over a year from your cruise, there may be changes in the itinerary. Enjoy your cruise. Enjoy that $300 in OBC...
  2. Have you talked with your travel agent in the last few days? I would suggest you do so.
  3. Wear something comfortable as it can get rather warm in the Disco environment. On the Evening Chic nights, I usually wear a sports coat, white shirt and tie. Then I change into my John Travolta outfit.😀
  4. On our last two cruises on Celebrity, they have had a Full Moon Party on the Pool Deck at 9:45 pm. Cruisers are encouraged to wear white. There is a DJ there and the Production Team makes an appearance. You will see it advertised in the App as long as the cruise utilizes this planning tool. We saw the schedule a week or two before our cruise. We also had Motown Night, Disco, Beatles , etc. These are determined by the Cruise Director and will vary by ship..
  5. Sorry, it is not like the heat in Arizona. Remember the last time you were in a steam room? That is Florida in the Summer. Plus an afternoon thunderstorm in places to cool you off.😀
  6. It is there when I followed the link. In any case, this sure does beat having to rely on a physician to fill out a form.
  7. There is no mention of age or a doctor's note from Princess. This appears to be more reasonable. Also, if someone has an underlying severe chronic medical condition, they probably should re-consider going on a cruise. With Celebrity, what if someone does not have any of the conditions listed-- but what if their doctor refuses to complete the form?
  8. With 7 ships coming on line in the foreseeable future, it would be financial suicide to continue to use that form. Other lines are not using that type of form and I expect them to pick up some business from former Celebrity cruisers. Where is Celebrity or RCCL going to get the money to pay for these ships and to maintain the existing fleet?
  9. Maybe look at another cruise line rather than another doctor.
  10. Celebrity has laid off 25% of their work force. So these delays will be expected and you have to be patient. Take the cash refund... I called another cruise line to make an inquiry regarding this situation. 10 a.m. phone call. I was expected to wait for an extended period of time. However, I got through immediately and spoke with a live employee. I got my questions answered and made a tentative booking. Never cruised this line before but was impressed with the service.
  11. Princess. I asked the agent to confirm with a supervisor and no such form exists for those over 70. If Celebrity keeps this requirement, they are going to be in deep trouble. Just look at the 7 ships that have been ordered in the future. Where are they going to get the people to occupy the rooms?
  12. I received an email this morning from another cruise line in the same category as Celebrity. There was no mention of a doctor's note in order to cruise. I called today to book and it was confirmed. No note or certification is needed. So it must be a Celebrity policy and I know what they can do with that! There are other options out there for those 70 and above.
  13. Load up with Dove's milk chocolate. Much better tasting than Celebrity. Better yet, go with the dark chocolate as dark chocolate is supposedly better for you. Dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals, and it generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate. Some research suggests that dark chocolate may help lower the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, and improve brain function.
  14. If the cruise season in Europe is cancelled, we can always head down to Orlando and visit Epcot. Let's see, there is Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, ...😀 Still hoping for real Europe but not looking good.😪
  15. Yes, it is the Xcelerate program as part of the perk package. However, I would not call it "high speed".
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