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  1. Lisa, no matter how small I totally understand your frustration in not receiving whatever discounts you are entitled to. It's a principle thing and I get it. And totally not cool to be treated with anything even close to disrespect by the HAL staff about anything you are concerned about. IMHO there's a major difference between "well it's not our fault, it's been a while" and "I'm SO sorry, but it's been a while".
  2. Thanks so much Overhead Fred ! Just what I was looking for. 🙂
  3. Does anyone onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam have the current list of wines by the glass that they can share? Trying to decide whether we'll need to upgrade to the elite. Thanks!
  4. Sounds like you have a perfect day and evening planned Lisa! Enjoy!!
  5. And they used to be $19.99 to rent for the day, which we considered expensive. Now they’re $39.99!!! 😳
  6. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Navigator app. Still showing “Please consult guest services” instead of actual menus. But sorry Lisa for hijacking your thread about this issue. Have a wonderful time!!
  7. When I go to the restaurant pages on my Navigator each one says “Please see Guest Services for the current menu”. We don’t sail until 2022, would that be why they’re not showing?
  8. Thank you Copper10-8, this was lovely! DH and I were talking about this at length today. I really think those in the "entertainment" industry have been the hardest hit by COVID. Whether it be restaurants, movies, Television, Broadway, or cruising..... careers based solely on "human gratification" have been dealt the harshest blow I believe. We have two cruises booked for early 2022. I'm pretty sure I'll burst into tears greeting the wonderful Holland America staff members.
  9. DH still talks about eating lunch at the Pinnacle while cruising through the Panama Canal. Lovely day.
  10. This used to be the number. Someone correct me please if it's changed. Holland America - phone number to call to transfer bookings to travel agent - 1 800 522 3399 #4
  11. Thanks so much everyone. A balcony is a must for us now (after years of inside cabins 🙂).
  12. We're 4 star Mariners with HAL and Platinum with Princess, but we've never ever tried Celebrity. After our 21 day cruise on the Nieuw Statendam in February 2021, there's a 7 night Celebrity Edge cruise that we're considering. We're hard-core Deck 4 aft balcony HAL enthusiasts, so I'd like something that compares if possible. So should we even be considering this? Any suggestions for a cabin if we should be?
  13. Thanks! I wouldn't want to risk waiting until I'm onboard to book the excursions I really want.
  14. Thanks. I know how to check the current exchange rate. But HAL has always had a set rate that they use (until they change it 😀). Be it 10%, 20%, or 30%. That's what I'm looking for .... unless the company is doing things differently now?
  15. Does anyone know the current exchange rate Holland America is using for US$ to CAN$ ?
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