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  1. These are my thoughts on our recent Jan 16 - Feb 5 Crown Princess cruise. We had one FCD before we sailed. Didn’t even consider booking another one onboard. After the debacle Caribbean Princess 2019 cruise and this one…. if we ever sail with Princess again it will be on one of the very newest ships. The good Room Steward - Pramod Dhavale (one of the best stewards we have had on any ship) Assistant Cruise Director Mark from Toronto Canada (should be a CD asap) The response from Passenger Services about complaints (in hindsight we should have made far more) Crooners - drinks overlooking the Piazza entertainment - service was a little slow, but worth it Production Show “Encore” - saw it in February 2019 and still think it is a wonderful show Comedian (1st 10 day segment) - can’t remember his name, not Miguel Washington (who was fine - but didn’t to see him 4 times over 20 days) Salty Dog Gastropub (wish they had more non-cheese options) Pub Lunch The bad Booked as a 20 day cruise - not a Back to Back - But repeats of EVERYTHING - Menus, Movies, Entertainment, Trivia questions, EVERYTHING Crown Grill - Lobster Bisque overly salty - Filet ordered Medium - served blood rare - Vegetables (asparagus & mushrooms) served with zero seasoning, butter, oil, lemon, and zero flavour Dining Room Food - uninspired choices, repetitive, incredibly bland Entertainment - completely repetitive - Production Shows & Comedians - that’s it - the WORST entertainer we’ve ever seen: Greg London Lido Cabin L311 - Worst balcony ever. Noisy (9:30pm -12:30am Deck Party was torture) Smelly (not sure why, weird Food & Chemical smells) Really just 1/2 a balcony because of its location at the end of hall. No chair stools… BAD choice! Lido Cabin L311 - Smallest Shower ever. Lido Cabin L311 - Overly Soft Bed (ymmv if you like those) Disembarkation in Grand Turk after a +30 minute delay - the most disorganized mess of a job that we’ve seen MUTS - perhaps the biggest disappointment. No more trivia or animal videos during the day. “Discovery” pictures of lovely sights with no explanation of where….. all day every day. Disembarking tomorrow to board Holland America’s Oosterdam. Bigger balcony, far better bathroom (with a TUB), & firmer bed. 🙂
  2. You have to realize that Princess cruises go out continuously; there's no "turn-around" time. So there's no time to fix the Crown unless it goes in for dry dock and repairs. Until then EVERY cruise will be effected.
  3. Think of a cruise ship like a car, or a sick person, or ANYTHING!...... if you don't fix it, does it get better?
  4. as Colo Cruiser as said..... the problem likely won't be fixed until after the Crown has been in dry dock so they can do the necessary repairs. Until then, EVERY cruise will be effected. Previously I stated that I wish Princess spent more time and money on fixing their ships instead of on "upping" their onboard technology. I stand by that comment.
  5. The ship effected is the Crown Princess.
  6. One more question on this topic please - I've read that there's a certain time frame during which you need to call Room Service to arrange delivery of MDR dinners. Not the time you want it delivered (which I know is obviously during the hours the dining room is open). But during which time frame do I need to call Room Service to book any MDR dinner delivery? (ie: not before 5:15pm and not after 6:00pm)
  7. Thanks so much for the helpful answers. We'll definitely give it a try! 🙂
  8. We want to finally try eating an MDR dinner on our balcony delivered by Room Service. Can you get the delivery time staggered so that different courses stay hot and cold (ie - ask for the appetizers to arrive at 8:00pm and mains at 8:20)? I'm guessing no....
  9. Wow.... wish this was the menu for the one night Set de Mer's available on the Oosterdam & the Eurodam!
  10. Yes I know the books are available. I'm trying to find out if the BOGO Specialty restaurant coupon is in it.
  11. I intend to use them on the cruise I'll be on. 🙂 Just wondering if they're available on 2020 cruises.
  12. Can anyone who has sailed in 2020 please tell me if the BOGO coupon for a First Night Specialty Restaurant dinner is still in the Cruise Night Coupon Book?
  13. Woodwind is the best private excursion we have ever done and we have done a lot! If Dee has availability on the day you're there.... just do it. 🙂
  14. We leave St Thomas an hour sooner and arrive in Bonaire an hour later than originally planned, but Dominica & Grenada so far have stayed the same. But unfortunately there's no guarantee things won't continue to change. My guess is those who are doing the 10 day are getting the $75 OBC, 20 day $125.
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