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  1. canadarocks

    Menus for 14 Circle Caribbean?

    Thanks, but that is no help whatsoever...... LOL
  2. We don't sail on the Zuiderdam until early February, but we've got two Princess cruises right before. So I'm soaking up every last detail you post before we leave. Thank you!
  3. As regnig said....... not always. The same holds true for Princess. I assumed the Caribbean Princess was docking at Havensight on our upcoming St Thomas day and we'll be at Crown Bay instead.
  4. canadarocks

    Menus for 14 Circle Caribbean?

    Leaving soon for a 14 night Circle Caribbean cruise on the CB. Does anyone have the menus that they'd like to share? πŸ™‚
  5. Thanks Diver2014. Could you have perhaps done the tour that visits the Depaz Distillery instead?
  6. How interesting. We've booked this tour for our cruise in January and have received no such email. Perhaps the museum is closing for renovations after we go there?
  7. Discovering Creole Martinique: Here you will be able to visit the distillery and its Père Labat museum. You will then head for Morne Rouge passing through some picturesque little villages to the typical restaurant "Le Bambou" for a Creole lunch. After lunch you will visit Saint Pierre, the most famous place in Martinique for the tragic reason that it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902 which killed 30,000 people, the only survivor being a prisoner by the name of Cyparis who had been locked up in an underground cell. Saint Pierre is today France's 101st city of art and history. Here you will visit the ruins of the ancient city. On your return to the ship along the west coast you will see some beautiful little fishing villages. It's a full day tour. Anybody done this?
  8. canadarocks

    Palm Beach access point

    Just an FYI, Caribbean Day Pass dot com offers an afternoon AI at the Barcelo Aruba from 1:00pm-9:00pm.
  9. canadarocks

    Any recent visitors to Trinidad?

    Thanks for the responses; we've decided to stay on the ship In Trinidad.
  10. LOVE the dinner pics and wonderfully humorous commentary. More please. πŸ™‚
  11. canadarocks


    Awesome. You are saving me money girl, thank you! πŸ™‚
  12. canadarocks


    We're doing a 2nd Princess cruise right after this one. Will our second Cruise Night coupon book's BOGO first night Specialty Restaurant coupon be able to be used on that 2nd cruise's first night?
  13. canadarocks


    Thanks so much Coral. I had pre-paid for our 1st night dinner at the Crown Grill, which I'll now cancel. Hopefully the 2019 books will have the BOGO coupon as well.
  14. canadarocks


    Just saw on my travel summary that we'll be getting two "Cruise Night Coupon Books". Can anyone tell me what's in them?
  15. canadarocks

    Best thing and worst thing about Caribbean princess

    Wonderful!. Can you please tell me if the first formal night was on your 1st or your 2nd sea day? And am I right in that your second formal night was last night?