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  1. Definitely sign them up 1st night for Splash Academy. I believe they will be in the same group as it’s 6-9 y.o. Hours are 9-12. 2-5 and 7-10:30. So still time for family time. My 8 yo granddaughter loves it and chooses cruising over Disney World. They put on a pirate show and talent show later in the week. Only concern would be there may be limited kids due to being 2 weeks during school year but at least the 3 of them will be together
  2. My 8 yo GD is going on her 3rd cruise on NCL. She would rather cruise than go to Disney. Loves going to splash academy. They have various activities and put on a “talent” show and pirate show through the week. Best part is the little friends she makes. She never complained saying it was like school. Staff has been wonderful
  3. I’m most concerned with medical evacuation in the event of a serious injury/ illness. I bought a good policy for $83 for DH and myself. You may do better looking around at other options
  4. I don’t believe so. We never got one there or on Aruba. Guess it’s up to the winner to declare it😉
  5. It does say 2 free for inside and solo but doing mock booking only allows 1. We have an 11 day booked in January through CAS Comped inside with 1 free. Will be calling to check on Monday.
  6. I can only answer #2 and 3. Don’t know if it’s a special area for Platinum but you should get a lower boarding pass. There is also separate checkin line which was very fast compared to other line. We were onboard before noon and think we arrived around 10:30 and were ushered in
  7. We are on the Jan 25 Epic cruise and we’re also informed Bonaire was eliminated and sea day replaced it. Wonder what the problem is as all these cruises seem to have dropped it. Personally glad for a sea day as was so port intensive. They also removed St Marten and replaced it with Tortola which I love
  8. Definitely the large balcony if you intend to use it and spend time on it together. Not enough room for 4 adults on regular balcony
  9. You do not need a notarized letter. You do NEED the parent/guardian release form signed along with photocopies of the patents drivers license. The form can be found on the web page and printed from there
  10. Just buy limited minutes. Don’t forget to log out or the minutes will be used !
  11. I agree with Vyhenak. We take our granddaughter every year and she loves splash academy. So we take her to the buffet and then to kids club at 7 and we enjoy our evening. Always good idea to get there (kids club) as it opens in case it fills up.
  12. Only difference in balcony and mini suite is the latter has tub and bathroom is slightly larger. We just returned from Gem to Bermuda. I do prefer the larger ships though as more venues and entertainment. There was nothing wrong with the Gem though. Guess price would be a deciding factor for me
  13. I have 2 upcoming cruises thru CAS. Now only get insides though used to get at least balcony. Did upgrade both for balcony for $525 each. Difference between inside and balcony was $600. So appears that was in line. Now that I retired may cruise more frequently and take the inside cabin. J
  14. negn

    Eagle Beach or Palm Beach

    Eagle and Palm beaches are on the same stretch of sand just Eagle is a little closer to port. It is difficult to get palapa (beach huts) especially in high season as they are reserved for hotel guests. On Eagle you could stop at La Cabana for chair rental. They will have facilities. At Palm you may want to try Moomba (between HI and Marriott). More action and more people. That have bar/restaurant and use of rest rooms. Just depends on how active you’d like to be Can’t go wrong either place
  15. negn

    Eagle Beach or Palm Beach

    For less crowds go to Eagle. We usually take taxi there and get the bus back to port as it runs right in front of Eagle
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