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  1. Hi On the app mine says $12 and on the Princess website Plus Beverage Package - 50
  2. Thank you all for all the replies
  3. Good afternoon I will be sailing on the Sky Princess later this year, first time with Princess. What is considered peak time in the MDR for dinner? So that I can avoid it Thank you
  4. Thank you for the replies. Does that include the specialty coffees?
  5. Good afternoon Never sailed with Princess before so I am just wondering with the Plus Beverage Package can you order wine by the glass or cocktails in the MDR and specialty restaurants? Thank you
  6. Thank you for all the replies, they are all very helpful. I will go and have a re-think
  7. Good morning Thinking of booking a cruise on the Sky Princess saling on the 2nd December 2023 to the Caribbean, Is it worth upgrading to a mini suite deck 10 midships from a Balcony cabin (BB) ON deck 11 mid aft. The differnce in price is £480 which I believe is $579.63. Any advice would be great. Thank you
  8. Hi Thank you for all the replies. I have tried a few dummy bookings and have found a small number of cabins bookable for 2 persons but there are quite a few more if I put 3 persons
  9. Hello Looking to book a balcony or mini suit on Sky Princess for a December 2023 cruise. I want to book midships decks 9 to 14 but the website will not let me choose a cabn and says reserve your stateroom and it will be assigned just prior to departure. Am I likely to gt a cabin midships and on the deck I choose? Thanks
  10. Good evening Is it worth upgrading from Princess Plus to Princess Premium> Thank you
  11. Good morning Looking at inside cabins 4104 and 4115 on the Nieuw Statendam. Looks as though they are over the atrium. Anyone know if there are any sound issues? Thank you
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