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  1. If on a plus package can you order specialty coffees in the buffet? Thank you
  2. Thank you for all the replies
  3. Good morning I have not picked an itinerary or ship yet but I have noticed on the Queen Elizabeth that these cabins are on deck 8. Do you get a lot of noise? Thank you
  4. Good morning Is it worth getting a clam shell? Or is there enough shade? Thank you
  5. I was informed on another thread but there are websites that you can find the info on
  6. Good morning I live in the UK. On the 26th August I booked The Catch and the Crown Grill. I went on the app yesterday to cancel the 2 bookings and re-book on different days. I managed to re-book The Catch but when I went to book the Crown Grill, I got an error message although there are times available. I have tried turning my phone off, re-installing the app, using different cards, tried on another phone but I still get the error message. Any ideas please?
  7. Good morning. Please can you let me know how to access the web version on princess.com I don't seem able to find it. Many thanks
  8. Good afternoon A couple of weeks ago I booked The Catch and Crown Grill. I went on the app this morning tp cancel the 2 bookings and rebook on different different days. I managed to rebook The Catch but when I went to book the Crown Grill, I get an error message although there are times available. I tried on numerous days with all the restaurants and got the same error message. I can book MDRs though I have looked on the website of the card I used and I can see that they refunded the money for one of the venues and then charged for the rebooking but there is no sign of the other 78$. I have also looked on Princess website to see if it is my account but it isn't. Anyone any advice? Thanks
  9. Theres a group on the week before as well but I don't know how many
  10. Going to go with optimism, see what happens. Not going to let it spoil my cruise. Always got the balcony to retreat to
  11. Hi On the link it says 800+ have signed up for the cruise already Princess Cruises to host inaugural PCA National At Sea in December 2023: Reservations open March 8 | The Porsche Club of America
  12. Fabulous. Was really looking forward to this cruise. not so much now
  13. If I do that I will loose 50% of the fare
  14. Hi bronzey I'm not sure but I have read that they shut bars, dining rooms and other spaces for groups
  15. Good morning I have a carribean cruise booked in December from the 2nd to the 16th on the Sky Princess. I have just found out that is a very large group booked on from the 9th December, which I know will close venues etc for them. I have made full payment. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  16. Hello Where is the best place to sit so you don't hear as much noise from the piazza? Thanks
  17. Good morning You can also book this tour at https://www.getyourguide.com/seas-the-day-charters-and-tours-s141315/?visitor-id=3N8CXMB87DD0TFH675MKCLWJ5XCP9CGV&locale_autoredirect_optout=true. The meeting point is Havensight/WICO day charter dock, for the 2.00pm trip you have to be there no later then 1.45pm. It also states cruise passengers should check with the ship regarding time zone. If you enquire any more info let me know
  18. Hi Perky 1 ( great name) The tour I am going on is the Snorkel & Swim with the Turtles Aboard MV Sea Wolf | Semi-Private to Buck Island & Honeymoon Beach. The start time is 9am but they do the same tour at 2.00pm. The meeting point is near to the docks. Cost $280.80 for 2 people They answered my queries within a couple of hours which I thought was excellent as I am in the UK. I used the email address Info@SeastheDayUSVI.com. If you need anymore info let me know
  19. Thank you. I will go ahead and book, as we both love seafood
  20. Good morning afternoon Will be sailing on a 14 day caribbean East/West Adventure onboard the Sky Princess. Trying to work out when to go to the specialty restaurants. Does anyone have a clue which days will be formal nights? Thank you Saturday, December 2nd 2023 Ft. Lauderdale Sun, Dec 3Sunday, December 3rd 2023 Princess Cays, Bahamas Monday 4th December at sea Tuesday 5th December San Juan Wednesday 6th December St Thomas Thursday 7th December at sea Friday 8th December at sea Saturday 9th December Fort Lauderdale Sunday 10th December at sea Monday 11th December Cozumel Tuesday 12th December Roatan Wednesday 13th December Belize Thursday 14th December Costa Maya Friday 15th December at sea
  21. Thank you for all the replies I will ask for a seat near the windows.
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