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    New to Holland America

    The Nieuw Amsterdam has the BB King Blues Club. That’s THE best show around. Don’t miss it!
  2. GradUT


    We prefer private excursions as opposed to those offered by the cruise ship, but in September we did a Carnival snorkeling excursion due to a unscheduled stop in Grand Turk. (Our Bermuda cruise was diverted due to Hurricane Florence). I must say that we were pleased with the excursion—Reef/Rays/Beach—and thought that it was well done and well-priced. So if you decide to take a Carnival excursion, take a look at this option at Grand Turk.
  3. Sinbad has pretty much spelled out the pros and cons of both Taronga and Featherdale. Featherdale is at least an hour’s drive from Circular Quay (and longer by public transport). Some guided tours to the Blue Mountains include a stop at Featherdale, so you might consider doing that.
  4. GradUT

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    Taking a taxi is always less complex than taking public transportation, but in Copenhagen it’s also about 10x as expensive (or 5x for two people). It just depends on whether you’d rather spend the money or the time. Having said that, we used public transportation to get from the airport to the city, from the city to the cruise ship and from the cruise ship to the airport. It was all pretty straightforward and we had no problems. HOWEVER, if you are carrying more than a carryon (roller) suitcase and a tote bag, then I would not recommend trying to use public transportation. You have to be able to load and unload your own bags and space on the buses for luggage is finite.