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  1. My point is that you're acting as if there's no risks normally. When we travel, there are 1000's of things that can potentially go wrong and we can't predict them. All we can do is find suitable insurance and hope for the best.
  2. I don't really see it as paying for the unknown. We're paying for a cruise. We will in fact be getting...a cruise. Yes, we don't know how food will be served or if we need masks, but let's just assume the worst and plan for that and then any improvement is a bonus. A socially distanced cruise with face masks is a damn site better than sitting at my work desk I tell you...
  3. Those arent the ones being retired, read the whole article.
  4. Haha, you get the point though 😛
  5. It's exactly how I feel. "Worth" is personal. Art is the best example. A splash of red paint on a canvas with no real structure could to me be worthless, but if terrierjohn thinks it's amazing and pays £15,000 for it, then it's WORTH that to him.
  6. Sounds really good! Good job Costa 🙂 I've ordered funky face masks so that not only is it effective against the virus, it's fashionable, fun and an accessory! Exciting.
  7. I think it would be inside cabins first as if there is a need for people to quarantine themselves, access to balconies is essential.
  8. Starter Kozhi Sukka Main Course Navrattan Kofta Korma Dessert Kulfi
  9. I may well be in the minority but as people are learning more and more, ignoring minorities is silly! Lots of people book Carnival's "cruise to nowhere" options with no ports and my family LOVE their transatlantics
  10. Let them be! I cruise for the ship and the sea, not the ports.
  11. WHO can make recommendations true but they aren't a law making organisation. Individual countries can decide their own rules and the UK government have already pledged support to the cruise industry, ports are already reopening and many lines are due to set sail in the next 6 weeks. Disney World is reopening on 11th July, Universal Studios theme park resort is already back open. If a cruise port decides not to open due to the virus, P&O can just cancel the port/change it.
  12. My theory is this: Up until Christmas, there will be changes on the ships for sure, but they will sail. Capacity will be cut, most likely from the cheaper cabins (evidently), self-service buffet will instead be served to you, cafeteria style. Water fountains will be removed/turned off with water accessible only for filling bottles. Hand washing/sanitiser areas through out the ships. Perspex screens to protect staff and food. Limited capacity for tenders/shows etc and spaced out seating.
  13. I'm the same, I order battered sausage from a chip shop!
  14. well done? lol I didn't write it, I just read it on Facebook lol
  15. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/plans-brits-holiday-abroad-announced-4230794
  16. Just saw the government are hoping to allow international holidays to happen in time for summer!
  17. I see it as less for the younger crowd but more for the family fun kinda crowd. P&O is more subtle. It's for those who want to dine and relax, rather than party!
  18. Is that a snobby way of saying it's for people on a budget? Haha
  19. It's not that in my opinion. Their market is americans so when they have European cruises, most passengers are flying to Europe to sail. This means it's customers with more money so Carnival up the price. Also it's an exclusive limited run itinerary and they need to get the costs covered.
  20. Carnival is expensive in Europe, cheap in the US. That's how i see it.
  21. I find them much cheaper than competitors. Depends on the cruise though I suppose. We always wanted to a Disney Cruise but that is expensive!
  22. Just checked mine and it covers cruises and safaris as standard.
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