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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. Will try on our Riviera cruise
  2. Oh well. Will request and see if possible. It would be more convenient for my parents instead of knocking on the door. Other option is to get an extra card for each cabin to gain access.
  3. Many thanks. Hopefully the cabin attendant will open as we are midship.
  4. My family and I shall be cruising on a Rivera next month. We are booked in concierge side by side cabins as there are no connecting cabins. Wondering if we are able to open the balcony separating dividers and connect by way of the balconies similar to Celebrity ships. Many thanks.
  5. My deepest condolences Mike on the loss of beloved Carol. I have always enjoyed your wonderful in depth reviews and beautiful pictures. We will be cruising on Oceania Riviera next month; our first O cruise on the larger ship. Nice to see the difference from the smaller O ships which we have cruised on numerous times. Looking forward to experiencing the many more venues onboard. Wishing you many more enjoyable cruises.
  6. My family and I really enjoyed your videos as we have Riviera booked for an upcoming cruise. It is our first time on the larger O ships . . . we are really looking forward to our cruise now!!! We have cruised many times on Regatta and Insignia. Many thanks.
  7. May I ask if there is sports channel like tsn available on the tv? Last year when we were onboard I had to find bars near the ship so my dad could watch hockey Stanley cup playoffs Thank you.
  8. We shall look out for you at the concierge lunch, There are 4 of us . . . mom, aunt and I have red hair. See you on Monday,
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