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  1. I couldnt find it on our Jewel cruise. Probably they dont have it anymore🤔
  2. I heard that more infos are given 30 days before cruise. I will wait for next week, but we are from Germany and I dont see much problems for us. We dont have to quaratine at home and untill now no PCR test required on the way home
  3. In most countries the hotels are still closed and in Germany I think they will not open before June or July
  4. I just checked the Unlimited Dining for the Jewel Cruise in July, and the Cruise Planner says 137,73 Euro and when I check out it says 142,80 Euro....but in the small print unter the UDP informations it says : prices including service charge. So why 5 Euro more?
  5. Hi, we booked a flight to Larnaca 9th July ( for the 10th July sailing) as I dont want to arrive late afternoon the day the ship sails. We want to book a hotel next to the harbour if possible. I hope, that we can stay overnight there. Untill now it seems no problem, but who knows?
  6. Thank you, Anne. I was not sure if all these sites are selling official tickets 🙂
  7. Thank you. If I buy them through Groupon, I have to pick them up or did I get them in advance ?
  8. Hi, Anne, a question for Burj Khalifa Tickets.....I am not sure if you answered this question already,but I want to buy tickets in advance. Where do I buy them? Ute
  9. Hi, where do I find the list or how do I find out, if my medication is on the list? I carry histamin tablets for my allergie, high blood pressuer tablet , and nasal spray with me. Also tablets against sea sickness and the cold.
  10. Hi, we just came back from the Serenade and visited Warnemünde, too. There ist just a 5 minute walk to the railway station, which takes you to Rostock Main Station. There you can switch to Tram 5 with direction Mecklenburger Allee. You can get out at Station Steintor IHK. This is next to the market place and the cathedral. From there it is just a little walk to the pedestrian zone. When you walk there to the harbour area, you can catch a passenger ferry back to Warnemünde.
  11. Thank you, I found already the answer.....but how can I delete this post?
  12. Hi, we can change from an Oceanview to a Balcony and Cabin 7152 and 7652 are available. Are there any issues about the balcony or obstructed view or is the balcony bigger than the others? I cannot see it on the deck plan, because the balcony seems edgy....
  13. Thank you all for your help. 😍 Our flight arrives at about 10.30 in Stockholm. I dont know how much time it takes to the ship , we have a transfer with RCI. We want to go to town as soon as possible, we have only a small carry-on bag which we can take without problems with us, so we just have to check in our luggage and us ...:-)....
  14. Hi , we are on the Serenade in July and want to do the ABBA Museum on our own. Is it doable in half a day to check in at the ship, leave the bags there and go to the museum? Ship is in Stockholm overnight, but we want to be back for the 2nd seating Dinner. Any advices would be helpful! 🙂
  15. Good evening, we are going to Katakolon in September an dI hope, we have beach weather then. Any advices which beach to go to and how much the fare ( taxi or the little train ) is? I heard about Kourouta Beach, is it nice?
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