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  1. Dang. I just called them and you are right. No freestyle machine. The information on the package is very misleading. I will cancel the package and go a different route.
  2. I will contact them and check. Thanks for the heads up. Liz
  3. I just checked the soda package For my cruise and it says it includes freestyle beverages. Would that be the same as freestyle machine?
  4. Actually I looked at an older post - and it does have a freestyle machine. So thanks v much. L
  5. I was so delighted when I read this but alas, Vision of the Seas does not have a Freestyle. Back to the drawing board! L
  6. Thanks your info is v helpful. the soda package is just the fountain drinks and in the past they have often been flat plus it doesn't include sparkling water or decent coffee but considering the price increase from our last RCCL cruise a few years ago, it really may not be worth it. Liz
  7. Refreshment package only has a 10% discount on Vision of the Seas, Panama Canal in November. 34.58 CAD. This is a big increase from a couple of years ago. I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it. Can anyone please post the cost of canned pop and sparkling water? I can't find that info anywhere and it would be a huge help. thanks! Liz
  8. How do you know which locks you are going through? We are on Vision of the Seas, November 2019 and I can't see where it identifies old locks or new locks. Thanks for any replies! Liz
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