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  1. I was able to choose the arrival group for both my husband and myself. I checked on his app afterwards and it shows.
  2. We also are on the Majestic, Oct 6th and were finally able to choose our boarding group last night. It is still showing this morning so hopefully all is well. However, I am still not able to choose departure group.
  3. We recently used Walgreens to get (BinaxNow)rapid antigen test for a different reason. It was very easy and we had our results back in about 20 minutes. I would like to use them again for our upcoming cruise in Oct but I am not sure what I should present to the cruise line as proof of negative test. We received our results in an email and it basically had our first and last name and said “you do not have Covid-19 at the time of this testing.“ It was not real official looking and there definitely was nothing to print out. Can someone that has tested at Walgreens tell me how/what you showed, was it on your phone or did you print something out?
  4. This pretty much sums it up!!! Lol We are on Oct 6th & still getting the “SORRY” each time I try…
  5. Hope you had an enjoyable cruise! Thanks to all that shared info! Much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Much appreciated! Bon voyage!
  7. So happy and excited to follow along! Thank you for taking time to do this. Love the pics! Hoping for more throughout the week. Bon Voyage!
  8. I am so excited to be able to follow along on your trip! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! And thank you to all who contribute as well! We are on the Majestic in Oct. I know a lot can change in a couple months but I am happy to learn all we can about her and all the new procedures.
  9. Yes, I have been checking prices and they seem fairly high to me. I have never used princess transfer but I am thinking it may be a good option this time around. Thank you so much for the reply.
  10. We also are on a three day cruise out of San Pedro early October. If you don’t mind me asking, what Is the cost of the Princess transfer from LAX?
  11. Was this the earliest arrival time? And is this the time for arrival at the port or boarding? Thanks!
  12. We are booked on this cruise Jan 18th. We are sooo hoping that we will be cruising again by then.
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