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  1. Just purchased specialty restaurant package on our 10/08 cruise on Ovation. We specified a dining time on embarkation but not a specific restaurant-which I understand is the usual procedure. When can we expect to find out which restaurant we will be assigned to and can we alter this if we do not wish to dine at this restaurant?
  2. This used to be case-but haven' travelled on RCCL for years. Is this status still transferable? rccl
  3. We will be on a 20 day cruise on Marina in December. I have brought a bottle (or two) of gin on other Oceania cruises but I can't imagine carrying 20 bottles of wine from the US to Peru.
  4. We are on the 20 day South America cruise. We had hoped we would be able to include our friends at our table without using any of their allotted reservations-apparently not. But we will ask anyway under the theory that it never hurts to ask and if you find the right Oceania rep they will occasionally bend the rules.
  5. We will be on Marina with friends in December. Because we are in a higher category cabin (penthouse v. veranda) we will be able to make more reservations in the specialty restaurants than they will. Will we be allowed to include our friends at our table?
  6. Our " free air" from the west coast (sfo) to Paris had us sitting in a middle seat in the last row bulkhead seat. Eleven hours of sitting 6 inches from the back of the head of the person sitting in front of us. We substituted business class on Air France from Lax to Cdg. Of course Viking also removed our transfers to and from the boat. "free air" is a very hit or miss proposition.
  7. Try the Alaska ferries. We have taken the ferries (twice) and cruise ships (3 times) through the inland passage. A totally different experience, but the same scenery.
  8. Lots of rumors floating around about Oceania December cruises being cancelled. Just received an email from our TA that the December 19 Marina cruise has not been cancelled "yet" and asking permission to make final payment. I'm going to allow this payment to be made although I'm going to be very annoyed if the cruise is cancelled a few days after final payment has been made.
  9. Who did you receive this notice from? Oceania website still lists this cruise as active and we have not received any notice that it has been cancelled. Just emailed our TA for clarification as final payment is due tomorrow.
  10. We are scheduled on the December 19th sailing on the Marina from Lima to Buenos Aires. We would love to take this cruise but are feeling pretty pessimistic. Just received an email from our TA that our final payment is still due in a couple of weeks.
  11. We are thinking about reserving a suite on a 15 day cruise on the Star. One of the perks included is "free unlimited open bar." After reading several comments about this perk I am still some what confused about what it includes. Our primary alcohol consumption aboard is wine with dinner. Is this included in this perk? Will we be required to upgrade to have quality wines with dinner? And what would be the cost of such an upgrade?
  12. We are considering a December cruise on the Star primarily because of the itinerary (panama canal and South America). Our last Ncl cruise (also on the Star) was in the Baltic 10 years ago. NCL was just unveiling free style dining and the food quality and variety in the main dining room was so poor that the main topic of conversation was whether NCL had downgraded the MDR to drive passengers to the specialty restaurants or had focused so much on these restaurants that they had neglected the MDR. This was the poorest food we had ever experienced aboard a cruise ship (and we have taken more than 50 cruises). We vowed never to cruise on NCL again but are now looking at a great itinerary at a very reasonable price (not including the surcharges for which NCL is notorious). I would like some honest evaluations in regard to the MDR from those who have cruised recently on the Star. Thanks for your replies.
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