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  1. ..this is still going round in circles and missing the point and, yes, the OP does understand the bit about the currency purchased in (not sure whether you mean the currency I purchased the S'pore-S'hampton cruise or the cruise I'm trying to book now though.) As I'm tired of repeating, there is absolutely nothing in the Princes marketing materials, onboard presentations, or the FCD receipt letter itself to indicate that my FCDs can only be used with a cruise booked through an Australian agent or with Princess directly. The onboard FCD consultants normally say that the FCD payment will not be charged to my onboard account but directly to my registered credit card (Amex in my case.) If there is more to it that I should be aware of, then the literature, marketing materials and FCD consultant should make that clear. The FCD amount itself is peanuts and if it needs to be USD to book with a US agent, then bill me for the difference. It's 2018, we have a global economy, Amazon, Ebay and thousands of others do business internationally using credit cards, without a problem....and Princess are happy to risk a multi-thousand dollar sale, plus spoil my relationship with one of their large US agents, for the sake of what is a $25 difference in deposit, which they could bill me for anyway if necessary. Give me a break.....
  2. My original posting has drawn out a lot of comments, some helpful but most not. However none have answered the question so I'll state the facts as simply as I can: 1. In May 2017 I booked a cruise from Singapore to Southampton through a TA in Australia where I was living. 2. In April 2018 while on that cruise I bought future cruise deposits during the Suez Canal transit, if that matters. As usual, Princess continually pushed the benefits of FCDs, valid for 2 years, to be used when you're ready, etc but particularly their wording in the letter/receipt: "When you have decided on your next cruise, please contact YOUR travel agent to arrange your booking...." I can find nothing in the terms and conditions nor in the marketing literature to suggest that I am prevented from using a US TA or limited to using an Australian TA (I've used US TAs, Australian TAs and Princess direct in the past) to use those deposits. 3. In July 2018 I negotiated a cruise through my US based TA who I have used before, stating that I wished to use those FCDs. Princess told them I had no current FCDs. I called Princess and they admitted that yes, I did have FCDs but they could only be used through Australian TAs. Now, can anyone provide a sensible answer as to why the deposits can't be used. I'd need a contract lawyer to understand what some replies have suggested and it still wouldn't answer the question "how they can make a clear offer, have it accepted, refuse to honour it, and get away scott free?" To those who suggested I'm being unethical in trying to book through a US TA, may I point out that the US TA (and others I know of) is authorised to make bookings from non-US residents. To those who suggested I could just get my FCD returned or book with another cruise company, why should I. I bought the deposits in good faith and will use them in due course. In the current case, I found a cruise that suited us, at a convenient time, to our required itinerary, and negotiated the best offer which happened to be through my US TA. I will still book it without the benefits offered by future cruise deposits.
  3. That's the way it seems. But how does Princess get away with promoting and taking the money for future cruise deposits, then changing the rules when you try to use them?:mad:
  4. Again, read all the comments but none of it deals with the fact that Princess sells future cruise credits on board, without any mention of not being able to use it with your choice of agent. In fact, the future cruise letter/receipt says "If further assistance is necessary, please contact YOUR travel agent or Princess Cruises (emphasis is mine.) Princess is being dishonest here and playing some sort of games. Re some of the other comments, I know that Vacations to Go in the US can take Australian bookings with a USD100 surchage, mandated by Princess. The current booking I'm trying to make is not through them but through another agent I've used before on other cruise lines (and probably will do again if Princess can't resolve this amicably, despite my Elite CC and 500 sea days.)
  5. Just come back and found a few replies. To summarise, the TA in Miami is allowed to book for us, but Princess will not accept the onboard credits because they were purchased on a cruise that was booked in Australia even though the cruise was thousands of miles from Australia (go figure!) My TA spoke to a supervisor at Princess who's response was "that's just the way it is but you can get a refund of the OBCs if you wish." Just to repeat, there is nothing in the Princess Terms & Conditions which says that. If anyone from Princess is reading this thread, please comment. Terry
  6. Thanks, but I wanted to use them as they advertised, not get my money back. They continually promote them on board.
  7. On a recent cruise from Singapore to Southampton, I purchased future cruise deposits for my wife and I. This week when I attempted to use those deposits through a US travel agent they were declined, apparently because the Singapore to Southampton cruise was purchased through an Australian travel agent. I can't use the credits through a US travel agent. There was absolutely nothing in the future cruise deposit receipt/letter, nor in any of the Princess marketing literature to indicate such terms. Princess simply say that's the way it is. How do they get away with such unethical conduct? Does anyone on the forum know more about this. Thanks, Terry
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