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  1. Would love to see the port times in the Caribbean extended if she is back to normal operations. Less than 8 hours in Port is a joke.
  2. I rebooked for the same date on Oasis. It was the same itinerary plus CocoCay and I got my same cabin. There are only a few of the category I booked so I was happy. Price protection too but i have yet to see the new invoice. You can book any Oasis class ship.
  3. The Oasis is doing almost my exact same itinerary on 3/6/22 but adds Coco Cay. And is about $1K more than Allure was. I wonder if I can switch for the price I had🤔🤔🤔🤔
  4. You think Allure will do 3/4 day cruises???
  5. And someone said Liberty itineraries had not been announced? They already put Liberty back in 2022 and now Allure has nothing.
  6. So now we wait to see where the Allure will go instead of Texas! I am willing to stay on the Allure if she gets amped by 3/22 and is sailing from FL. Plus they will be offering the OBC to move I would guess. This has happened to me twice before. I had a great price on a spacious balcony that I would hate to lose!
  7. I was told there is no way Allure can dock anywhere in Galveston without the new terminal. I am booked for 3/2022 so I just hope Allure will be doing 7 day cruises from somewhere else in FL if not TX. I have a great cabin at a great price and don't want to rebook.
  8. They need to wait for the new captain. Captain Kate on Celebrity Edge was due to leave when cruising stopped. Her relief is coming from.Greece and cannot get a flight. So she and her cat stay.
  9. This is great news. I hope it is the full dry dock and not just the Azipods. Any idea??
  10. My niece had a friend no show and they didn't do anything other than refund port charges and the shore excursions and drink package which niece paid for and they gave her OBC back. We tried to get last minute replacement but couldn't. You can do that up to 24 hours in advance.
  11. I was on the shorter cruise before yours and the Diamond lounge was never crowded. I went almost every evening and found a seat. I liked the outside area as well.
  12. The daybeds are all grouped together at the corner of the beach. Just arrive at the same time and choose 2 next to one another. anyone can stop by. There were six of us but only 2 of us bothered with the wrist band and our attendants never said a word. This was at Adrenaline beach under the zipline.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. we are starting to research tours like this for our Christmas cruise on the Allure next year.
  14. I have a daybed booked for January so I will report back. Last time I got a pretty good deal on a Cabana at Columbus Cove and loved it!! Trying something different this time because I'm with a different group of friends and they are ziplining so I'll be close and can watch them.
  15. Thanks for the laughs. I have never eaten a minion but I can imagine they would be CHEWY. And taste like bananas 😜🤣😂🍌🍌🍌
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