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  1. Hi Pxy Cda, Please respond to my post in the roll call and confirm when you have booked the Ana Luna Glow Worm cruise in October.
  2. Are you on the 10/13 Serenade roll call? There are 13 of us doing the Ana Luna Glow Worms and I have arranged transportation back to the ship afterwards as a group. Let us know if you book and want to join us on the way back! Head on over to our Roll Call. Post #153
  3. Booking early often trumps any sales later on. I did manage to save almost $900 on a rebooking with a kids sale free promotion but the cruise was still over a year away. And my TA did all the work.
  4. Stay out of the Bahamas and you will be fine.
  5. Until HOTS is due for a drydock, you won't see this.
  6. They had the minibus rides a few years ago and they were $7. It is cheaper to take the bus especially if you get a pass. Thanks for the tips.
  7. I just found this description of the new AO on Allure after dry dock. It looks like 3-5 will have the option of a separate area like the babies and tots. Everyone can breath easy. "New Adventure Ocean, where kids can choose their own adventures across a new layout. The makeover brings to life interactive and personalized activities and features in areas like The Arena for friendly competition in interactive games; The Play Place with whimsical rooms featuring climbable creations; The Workshop for science, tech fun, and hands-on art; the Hangout, to try gaming consoles; AO Babies for babies and tots, as well as experiential activities at the AO Junior space designed for 3- to 5-year-olds.
  8. I have been to Bermuda once before. We did our beach day by getting bus tokens and took the Bermuda bus to Warwick Long Bay first. Just ask the driver where to get off. We then walked down to the beach and it is beautiful. It was pretty empty. We then walked along the ocean (on the beach or up on a ridge on a trail) and went to Jobson's Cove. Google it. Just beautiful! We ended our day at Horseshoe Beach and got a late lunch. We had taken drinks and snacks with us plus our own snorkeling gear. It was the perfect beach and snorkeling day. We then took the bus back to the ship. You can pay just to go up the hill if you don't want to walk. Have fun! We will be there in October.
  9. No. But do you really think a three year old and 12 year old will be interested in the same activities? Not a chance. And they would probably not allow it unless they are related. I think 12 is actually with the teens on RC anyway. But regardless, they are reconfiguring the areas and will at least allow a seven year old to play with their 10 year old sibling or 5 and and 7 year old , etc which currently is not always possible and is really silly IMO. The littles will not be in danger.
  10. We buy packages all the time but never for the kids. Half the time we never get charged for them either.
  11. I like the change frankly. As a parent of 2 boys who are close in age but often get separated in the kids clubs and it is very stressful to worry about stuff like that. My boys want to play together. So I am excited. No more complaining from my little guy!!
  12. Celebrity doesn't allow children in Captain's Club. Once they are 18, if they are Diamond on Royal they will be Elite with Celebrity.
  13. We were at Rose Island last October on a private charter. We actually saw a shark from the boat and it was swimming oddly. Our guide thought it was sick or injured. We later snorkeled in the area without issue. We loved that tour so much and want to go back next year. I hope this was pretty isolated.
  14. If you are using a passport Bermuda only requires it be valid upon entry. So you are fine. They do not have a 6 month rule.
  15. My only experience in Bermuda was in October at it was just like summer. Going back this year too. Found a cruise that stays for 3 days!!
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