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  1. Marine traffic shows the ship has just passed Dunedin today on her way to Bluff, the port for Invercargill.
  2. That’s round about what I was thinking after the latest news . I also think they will limit the number of ships they send down in order to keep up demand and prices .
  3. I am hearing reports that we will have to live it for 3 to 5 years.....and that’s even with a vaccine .
  4. I think the cost effectiveness depends on which creative accounting scheme they follow. They could probably sail at 50% and still make a profit .The profit over and above that is needed to put into the new builds they are constantly coming out with. The money for them has to come from somewhere.
  5. Another big problem will be the public perception of cruising . Death ships .........You won’t get me back on a cruise ship .... and the like . I think it will take many years to overcome the misconception, and many successful cruises , to show they are safe . Covid is with us , and will be for many years to come .
  6. Pickers are needed desperately . We need them too as we only have the backpackers who were caught here at lockdown and been given extended visas to stay .Same here the folk on the dole don’t want to work , and then catch 22 if they fly over to Australia-and get the $2000 they have to quarantine on return and what they don’t realise is that if you earn money in another country you can’t apply for any benefit or super until you have applied in the country you earned . Australian wages will have tax and super deducted, How do they get the super back .? The whole thing is crazy crazy crazy . Not only do we need pickers we also need shearer’s . Australian shearer’s are looking for work but can’t come over unless they quarantine ...and who pays that ..not much money in wool theses days.
  7. Why then are you encouraging Kiwis to come over to work with a $2,000.00 incentive .?
  8. It’s a great idea and best to do it ....before the old health problems start arriving . You would need to sell several houses to pay for the doctors bills I had 40 cruises and never had to visit the Medical Centre ......helped console many who did though.
  9. Looking like the 21/22 season before we see them back down this way......if then 😳
  10. His daily rate on board would probably be cheaper than a Rest Home .
  11. I’m sure there will be some limits Uncle Les .🍷🥃🍺🍺🍺🍺🍷🥃🍺
  12. From the Port of Otago web cam on Taiaroa Head , Dunedin . A shot of the dredge working at the entrance . What kind of ship is this? NEW ERA (IMO: 8304763) is a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgerthat was built in 1985 (35 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of New Zealand. It’s carrying capacity is 1240 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be null meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 58.3 meters and her width is 11.05 meters.
  13. Looks like NCL are making offers as well Take all five FREE offers onboard ALL ships to ALL destinations thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line! Enjoy up to US $2,900 in total value:o Free Beverage Packageo Free Specialty Dining Packageo Free Shore Excursion Credito Free Wi-Fi o Family & Friends Sail at a reduced rate Explore the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and more onboard Norwegian Cruise Line.
  14. Nice cruise . Fabulous itinerary . You also the option of joining in Vancouver .
  15. No No Uncle Les .You got the wrong end of the stick . The welcome mat is out for both .They are just saying that we don’t want free loaders,...and I don’t AUS does either . I have been on a couple of “high end” cruises and a lot of the passengers have amassed their wealth by being very frugal .......and old habits are hard to break.They buy very little . Some tourists are even sought for seasonal work https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/world/australia-attempts-to-pinch-kiwi-seasonal-workers-offering-2000-to-work-in-australia/
  16. The next one is good too .narrated by Benedict Cumberpatch.
  17. NZ had a campaign where we could get it free along with the annual flu injection .
  18. I think before long you will see many vaccines becoming available on the market .
  19. when you start delving into the ownership of cruise lines it can become a tangled web . NCL have been associated with Genting cruises and Apollo Management , who in turn own various other cruise lines .
  20. Wonder how this may effect the cruise ship visits .? Government looks to minimise costs of tourism to New Zealand https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/430795/government-looks-to-minimise-costs-of-tourism-to-new-zealanders Nash said too often ratepayers and taxpayers have picked up the bill of the impact of tourism on infrastructure and the environment. He said the full cost of tourism needs to be priced into the visitor experience. "New Zealanders should not be subsidising international visitors to the extent that we have done in the recent past," he said..... "Tourism in New Zealand will never return to how it was before Covid-19 dramatically affected us. New Zealanders expect a tourism sector that supports their communities and businesses.
  21. Bird of the Year results are in . The native parrot , Kakapo won . Albatross was a close second . The Albatross actually received more votes but this was the first year with preferential voting ,. The results are in -- and 2020 Bird of the Year is.... the kakapo The results are in -- and 2020 Bird of the Year is.... the kakapo 0 16 November 2020 The flightless moss-coloured nocturnal bird has been named the winner -- after a close race against the Antipodean Albatross.
  22. They look nice and sturdy for the conditions they could meet when they head off to the Islands in the Southern Ocean . Also looks in very good condition.
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